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Tanssi Monthly Newsletter - July 2023

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Tanssi Network | Monthly Newsletter July 2023

Ready to catch up on the latest updates from Tanssi? From groundbreaking protocol developments to exciting ecosystem growth and community initiatives, here's your quick dive into everything Tanssi has achieved over the past month. Let's see what's been happening!

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | A Step Closer to the Tanssi TestNet Launch

A Step Closer to the Tanssi TestNet Launch

The stagenet is now producing blocks, signaling that internal testing of new functionalities is underway. With the TestNet launch on the horizon, it's thrilling to see the progress made in just over two months since Tanssi's announcement. Dive into the journey →

Tanssi Network - Featured Image |  Unveiling the Appchain Pioneers Program

Unveiling the Appchain Pioneers Program

This new initiative is all set to boost the Tanssi ecosystem. With a strong emphasis on mentorship, networking, and innovation, the program seeks to foster a robust community of builders. Heads up: applications for the first cohort are due this Friday, August 11. → Apply here


Ecosystem Highlights

Stay informed with the latest from the Tanssi ecosystem. Explore the collaborations shaping our network's future. Let's dive in!

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | Vulture Finance and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | KodaDOT and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

Vulture Finance Deploys Appchain with Tanssi's Infrastructure

Reducing appchain deployment to under an hour, Tanssi's infrastructure empowers Vulture Finance with enhanced DeFi performance, customization, and security.

→ Read more

Tanssi Facilitates KodaDot's Leap into a Scalable NFT Marketplace

Connecting to Tanssi's infrastructure, KodaDot's appchain evolves into a ContainerChain. The shift promises their NFT marketplace faster transactions and reduced fees. → Read more


From the Tanssi Blog

Delve into insights, trends, and educational content that shape and redefine the blockchain landscape.

Tanssi Network | Featured Image: Why Building Appchains in a Substrate Environment is a Top Choice

​Why Building Appchains in a Substrate Environment is Your Best Choice

→ Read more

Tanssi Network | Featured Image: Tanssi Makes Appchain Deployment Smoother as Deploying a Smart Contract

​Bridging the Gap: Tanssi Makes Appchains as Developer-Friendly as Smart Contracts

→ Read more


Spotlight on Past Events

Relive the discussions, insights, and key takeaways from Tanssi's recent events.

🪩 Intro to Tanssi - A Protocol to Radically Accelerate Adoption on Polkadot

🔮 The Polkadot 2.0 Vision

🚀 [Spanish] Tanssi Network: La Manera Más Fácil de Desplegar Appchains


🌯 And that's a wrap!

Before you go... Interested in amplifying your Tanssi enthusiasm? Discover the Tanssi Ambassador Program. This initiative equips community members with everything needed to amplify Tanssi's growth. Dive in and make a difference! Find Out More & Apply here →

Stay connected and in the loop with all things Tanssi! Engage with us on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or keep this newsletter handy. See you in the next update!

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