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Stepping into 2024: The Year of the Tanssi Launch

2023 put Tanssi in the spotlight, all with a clear goal: to provide developers with comprehensive appchain infrastructure tools and resources, making deployment effortless.

Our vision? A world where appchains are easily accessible, fueling greater adoption and engagement within the Polkadot ecosystem.

We kicked off with momentum, grew our ecosystem despite market ups and downs, and nurtured a supportive community. Ready for a brief look back at 2023? Here it is!

2024: The Tanssi Network Comes to Life

Yes, you've got it right - this is the year Tanssi springs to life. Every move we make brings us closer to launch day. Let's dive into what January has already unfolded for us.

With Dancebox Snaps, deploying an appchain in just 10 minutes is now a reality, offering a streamlined process for swift, trial-based setups. But that's not all; the Tanssi team has introduced advanced MetaMask functionality, enabling direct management of your Polkadot wallet through MetaMask.

Screenshot of Dancebox, Tanssi's TestNet

🌐 Ecosystem Growth: Tanssi Drives Appchain Adoption with Over 60 Projects

Tanssi Network | Ecosystem of Projects and Providers

Highlighting a selection of projects that have recently joined the Tanssi ecosystem, showcasing everything from fresh technical integrations to practical, real-world applications.

  • Xcavate - Real estate meets blockchain, using enhanced appchain capabilities for dedicated block space and faster transactions. 

  • Lumx - Offers a seamless transition for Web2 enterprises moving to Web3, leveraging Tanssi's robust infrastructure. 

  • Acala - Now on Tanssi for advanced testing and prototyping, enhancing appchain development and deployment.

📚 Learning Hub: Explore Key Educational Resources for Our Community

🗓️ Event Spotlight: What's Coming and What You Missed

Attending ETHDenver? Don't miss our Dappy Hour for an evening of networking and refreshments. Spaces are limited, so secure your free registration early!

Explore our discussion with Botanix Labs & Moonbeam on innovative EVM approaches, solutions for gas fees, and future trends. Access the recording for insightful perspectives.

Get insights from Thiago, Tanssi's Head of Growth, on how Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure is equipping next-gen appchains, from infrastructure to DeFi and real-world assets.

🚧 Build, 🚀 Deploy, 🕺🏻 Dance, 🔁 Repeat!

Embark on a transformative journey with us to make blockchain more accessible and be part of something truly groundbreaking! 🚀

But the journey doesn't stop here. Dive deeper into the Tanssi ecosystem by joining the Tanssi Ambassador Program. It's your chance to amplify your impact, connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, and play a pivotal role in our growth.

Stay connected and in the loop with our Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and newsletters for all the latest updates and opportunities.

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