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Introducing the Appchain Pioneers Program: Boosting the Growth and Development of the Appchain Space

Tortola, BVI – July 24, 2023 – Moondance Labs, the team developing the Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol, announced today the launch of the Appchain Pioneers Program. This strategically designed initiative is set to grow and strengthen the Tanssi ecosystem, offering project teams mentorship, valuable connections, access to future exclusive ecosystem initiatives, and more opportunities for project growth. The program is an exceptional opportunity for teams not only eager to launch their appchains and bypass common infrastructure complexities but also for those in search of comprehensive resources vital for growth. This includes education, networking, and access to venture capital connections, thus providing a complete support system for project development and enhancement.

Tanssi's Mission to Fuel Appchain Development Adoption

At Tanssi, a developer-centric ecosystem is a top priority. This vision is achieved by combining an accessible appchain infrastructure with comprehensive project support. Tanssi’s Appchain Pioneers Program caters to web3 projects, providing a wide range of resources, including mentoring, educational materials, networking opportunities, and guidance for projects in business development, marketing, and community building. The program aims to support teams throughout the process of developing and launching projects on the Tanssi protocol. The underlying belief is simple: Tanssi's growth is a reflection of two key elements - the success of its projects and the vibrancy of an engaged community.

Developed by the Moondance Labs team, Tanssi is making appchain development simpler and more efficient, allowing secure and user-friendly appchain deployment. This permissionless protocol provides developers with the tools and services needed for straightforward appchain deployment, making the most of the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain.

With Tanssi, projects can deploy their own appchains, benefiting from increased scalability, control over their blockchain's governance, and the ability to create custom and optimized functionality to suit their specific needs. However, deploying an appchain can present many complexities, particularly when it comes to managing infrastructure. Tanssi confronts these challenges head-on, offering a variety of tools and services that streamline the appchain deployment process. With Tanssi, the deployment time is significantly reduced from months to less than an hour, freeing blockchain developers to focus on what truly matters: their code, user experience, and community growth.

The Appchain Pioneers Program: Tanssi's Initiative for Decentralized Innovation

The Appchain Pioneers Program's primary goal is to incubate a dynamic community of visionary builders to accelerate the development of innovative appchain use cases and propel the growth of decentralized applications in the blockchain space. The program offers unique benefits to ambitious teams of all sizes eager to develop and deploy their appchains.

Building with Tanssi allows teams to bypass infrastructure complexities. By joining the Appchain Pioneers Program, not only do they access a wide range of resources for growth and project support, but they also get early access to upcoming benefits and initiatives designed to further propel their project's growth, from enhanced learning opportunities to potential avenues for funding. Tanssi's objective is to equip developers with the tools and support they need to fully leverage appchain technology, fostering innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

Participants of the program can look forward to:

  • Developer Guidance and Technical Support: Participants can collaborate with experienced blockchain professionals for hands-on support and practical advice. The Developer Relations team is ready to help troubleshoot issues and provide overall support.

  • Marketing and Business Development Mentorship: Participants can learn from seasoned mentors who can share valuable strategies to help their project gain traction and succeed in the web3 space. These experts will assist in marketing initiatives and enhancing project visibility within the ecosystem.

  • Ecosystem Connections: Participants can join a vibrant community of developers and innovators, fostering collaboration and synergies that benefit both their project and the broader Tanssi ecosystem.

  • Investor Introductions: Participants can connect with investors who understand and support blockchain projects, creating opportunities for financial backing and project growth.

  • Future Project Funding: Participants gain priority access to the upcoming Tanssi Grants program, offering an exclusive opportunity to fast-track their application for financial support for their project.

Tanssi's Appchain Pioneers Program is especially seeking teams with diverse skills, a history of achievements, and signs of early progress. Teams that excel at problem-solving, are dedicated to addressing real-world challenges, and display a deep understanding of market needs are highly valued. Particularly, teams that propose practical and compelling uses of appchains will find this program beneficial. Tanssi is prepared to collaborate with those eager to explore the full potential of appchain technology.

Applications for the first cohort of the Appchain Pioneers Program are now open! Projects and community members can refer projects to the program and earn rewards upon successful completion. To learn more about the program and apply, visit the Tanssi Network website.

About the Tanssi Network

Currently under development, Tanssi is an appchain infrastructure protocol that simplifies appchain deployment, making it secure, efficient, and easy while eliminating the lengthy and complex process of traditional blockchain implementation. Tanssi's permissionless and dev-friendly protocol provides developers with infrastructure tools and services to deploy appchains quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, the Tanssi protocol benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Tanssi accelerates the path from concept to deployment for developers. Learn more at

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