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Let's Forkin Dance Featured Image.png

Let's Forkin Dance Is Here!

'Let's Forkin Dance'—the Tanssi Incentivized TestNet Campaign is a mix of on-chain and off-chain quests designed for the Tanssi community. Whether you're a developer, a casual user, or a key network supporter, there's something for you.

1% of the Tanssi Network is reserved for this campaign—40% goes to Tanssians and Builders, and 20% to Block Producers. This allocation motivates various participants to actively engage.

The campaign launches on April 30, 2024. To stay ahead, set an alert or join the Tanssi communities, ensuring you're one of the first to access the LFD campaign portal.

LFD to Tanssi Mainnet! 🚀

LFD plays a critical role in the upcoming launch of the Tanssi Network. Engaged participants not only earn incentives but also get to significantly contribute to the network's live environment.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that participation in the Let's Forkin' Dance Incentivized TestNet campaign is subject to specific terms and conditions, which will be provided by the Tanssi Foundation once the campaign begins. This announcement and its contents are not intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity in the United States, its territories, or in any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Please bear in mind that US persons will not be eligible to participate in this campaign and all participants could be subject to KYC/AML processes.

Everyone Has a Chance to Shine and Get Incentives!

The campaign welcomes everyone, with three tracks designed for:

Landing page icons_Tanssians.png


(General Users)

This track welcomes everyone in the Tanssi community. Engage in games, NFTs, and DeFi quests within the Tanssi ecosystem and contribute to its growth.

Landing page icons_Builders.png


(Ecosystem Projects)

Compete to become the top-performing project in the Tanssi ecosystem. Propel your project's development and expansion with exciting incentives.

Landing page icons_Block producers.png



Play a vital role in the smooth operation of our network. This track features performance-based challenges, incentivizing excellence in block production.

Pop Art

Early Bird Gets the Insider Info

Stay ahead of the curve and be the first to discover all the campaign details, including start dates, rewards, quests, and more. Secure your front-row seat to the Tanssi showtime by setting an alert now!

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