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Tanssi Facilitates KodaDot's Leap into Scalable NFT Marketplaces with Appchain Infrastructure

Tortola, BVI – July 21, 2023 - Tanssi, the Appchain Infrastructure Protocol, announced today its collaboration with KodaDot, an open-source Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. This strategic collaboration unlocks the potential for KodaDot to rapidly and effectively deploy its own appchain, benefiting from Tanssi's comprehensive suite of infrastructure tools and services. This collaboration not only sets the stage for a multitude of NFT innovations but also marks a substantial progression in their mission to offer a more enhanced, user-focused environment.

The power of appchains lies in their unique blend of benefits: their customizability allows them to address the specific requirements of different marketplaces, while their interoperability permits interaction with multiple blockchains, thereby broadening the diversity of NFTs that can be traded. In addition, their robust security features and the use of sustainable consensus mechanisms allow NFT marketplaces to mitigate their environmental impact.

However, the deployment of an appchain can be intricate, particularly when it comes to infrastructure management. This is where the significance of the Tanssi-KodaDot collaboration becomes even more evident. By dramatically reducing the time it takes to deploy an appchain—from months to under an hour—Tanssi empowers KodaDot to channel its efforts towards enhancing code quality, user experience, and community engagement.

Further amplifying the benefits of this partnership, Tanssi's groundbreaking appchain infrastructure protocol streamlines the deployment process, equipping KodaDot developers with an array of powerful tools for swift, permissionless, and efficient appchain deployment. Upon connecting with the Tanssi protocol, an appchain evolves into a ContainerChain, thereby unlocking access to a wide range of infrastructure services and tools. These include block production, data availability, cross-chain messaging, and bridges to external networks, along with various management tools, templates, and key integrations like wallets, indexers, RPC endpoints, block explorers, and oracles.

KodaDot is setting a new standard in the NFT marketplace, enhancing scalability and cost-efficiency through the use of its own customized appchain. This significant move, enabled by Tanssi's infrastructure, facilitates rapid processing of high-volume transactions and lower transaction fees, thereby improving user experience and fostering greater engagement. With more freedom to focus on its mission, KodaDot is taking strides toward becoming the ultimate hub for all NFT-related activities, including gaming, metaverse assets, and traditional NFTs.

KodaDot's unique NFT marketplace, currently supporting nine NFT standards across nine Polkadot parachains, offers an inclusive and diverse environment for transactions. As KodaDot expands its multichain strategy beyond the Polkadot ecosystem, its collaboration with Tanssi is supporting its plans to broaden the marketplace's scope to include EVM, zkSync, and other L2 networks.

"With the deployment of an appchain, we at KodaDot are able to boost transaction speed, enhance customization, and swiftly respond to our users' evolving needs. Our unwavering commitment to a user-centric approach guides us as we plan to introduce a wide variety of NFT standards and services. This strategic step brings us closer to realizing our vision of a dynamic, versatile space that caters to everyone in the NFT community - gamers, developers, collectors, and enthusiasts, thereby fostering both value and engagement," said Matej Yangwao, KodaDot Founder.

By deploying an appchain, KodaDot not only accelerates transactions and enhances customization but also swiftly adapts to the evolving needs and expectations of its users. Strengthening its commitment to a user-centric approach, KodaDot plans to roll out a wide array of NFT standards and an extensive suite of services. This strategic move edges KodaDot closer to realizing its vision of a dynamic, versatile space that caters to gamers, developers, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts alike, fostering both value and engagement.

As part of the collaboration with Tanssi, KodaDot introduces a wealth of NFT capabilities to the Tanssi ecosystem, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive environment for creators and collectors. Some highlights include:

This synergy is expected to significantly enrich the Tanssi ecosystem, fostering a vibrant community of NFT enthusiasts and paving the way for innovative developments.

The collaboration between Tanssi and KodaDot continues, with a TestNet deployment scheduled for later this year, setting the stage for a mainnet launch in 2024. Stay tuned for more updates at

About the Tanssi Network

Currently under development, Tanssi is an appchain infrastructure protocol that simplifies appchain deployment, making it secure, efficient, and easy while eliminating the lengthy and complex process of traditional blockchain implementation. Tanssi's permissionless and dev-friendly protocol provides developers with infrastructure tools and services to deploy appchains quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, the Tanssi protocol benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Tanssi accelerates the path from concept to deployment for developers. Learn more at

About KodaDot

KodaDot is the premier one-stop-shop for NFTs in the Polkadot ecosystem, providing artists, collectors, and businesses an intuitive platform to seamlessly aggregate, mint, and trade collections across multiple parachains by leveraging Polkadot's core benefits of shared security and cross-chain transferability.

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