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Welcome to the Tanssi March Newsletter!

GM Tanssians! 🌞 Let's dive into the latest Tanssi news: a fresh $6M funding round aimed at propelling the project's growth, plus a sneak peek at an incentivized testnet campaign. It’s all shaping up for a stellar Tanssi Network launch later this year. Curious about the details? Let’s get started!

Big news! With backing from investors like KR1, SNZ Capital, Scytale Digital, Arrington Capital, and Borderless Capital, Tanssi is on track to accelerate protocol development and team expansion. Angel investors such as Gavin Wood and Rob Habermeier are among the early believers and supporters of the project.

The Tanssi Incentivized Testnet Campaign is a shout-out and thank you to the Tanssi community and ecosystem. It brings a mix of on-chain and off-chain challenges across three tracks: Tanssians (general users), Builders (ecosystem projects), and Block Producers, complete with a significant rewards pool. And here’s a heads-up: the Builders track is now open for applications.

Phala Network brings its trustless off-chain computing to Tanssi, marking a significant collaboration. This move extends well beyond just offering price feeds — it’s about giving developers the tools to create real-world applications with advanced functionalities.

Dancebox Snaps is changing the game for rapid testing environments. Out with the old, time-consuming methods—now, it's all about 10-minute deployments. Fast, efficient, and exactly what appchain builders need.

🗞️ Top Media Mentions

🗓️ Event Highlights: Must-See Moments

Join us as we explore the balance between fun and financial prospects in Web3 gaming, tackle adoption challenges, and discuss key game development insights. We'll uncover how Web3 reshapes traditional gaming, highlighting the evolving landscape.

Francisco, co-founder of Tanssi, joins Jenn Sanassie on CoinDesk's First Mover podcast to discuss shifting from bear to bull markets, the challenges and advancements in deploying appchains, and Tanssi's role in facilitating smooth, secure appchain implementation.

Engaging conversation with Francisco Agosti, co-founder of Tanssi, on the Tanssi Network: Simplifying the Deployment of Appchains across Rollups and Layer 2s.

Explore a chat on tokenizing real-world assets, covering agriculture, financial assets, and real estate, and its role in pioneering global frontiers. Experts from Kona Finance, Xcavate, Agrotoke, and Valor Capital Group will discuss the vital contribution of appchains in improving asset management accessibility and bolstering global transparency and trust.

😎 Appchain Meme of the Day

This month's appchain meme stars Drake showing off the new way to deploy appchains. Work smarter, not harder!

🌊 Dive Deeper! 🥽

Want to get involved? The Tanssi Ambassador Program awaits. It's not just an opportunity to leave your mark; it's a chance to contribute to Tanssi's growth and success.

Stay tuned to all things Tanssi — join us on Tanssi's community channels and this newsletter for the latest news and opportunities. 👋 Catch you in the next update!

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alisson zacarias
alisson zacarias
May 19

Muito bom!!

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