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Join the Appchain Pioneers Program

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Welcome to the Appchain Pioneers Program! Championing innovation in appchain development with Tanssi, this program provides an empowering space for projects to grow and innovate.


Applications for the second cohort will be open soon. In the meantime, join the waiting list and tell us more about you and your project! 

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Accelerate Your Project's Vision with the Appchain Pioneers Program

Fueling the growth of a developer-centric ecosystem, the Appchain Pioneers Program equips web3 projects with resources for project growth and development.


With a focus on seamless appchain deployment, the program expands beyond, offering valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and venture capital connections.


Be a part of this transformative journey and help shape the future of appchains.

Start Your Application

Amplifying Your Project with the Strength of the Tanssi Ecosystem

The Appchain Pioneers Program is a powerful springboard for ambitious builders in the blockchain space, providing unmatched opportunities for project acceleration and growth. The program opens up access to an array of benefits designed to empower every participant:

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Hands-on Developer Guidance

Benefit from experienced blockchain professionals providing hands-on support and practical advice, helping to troubleshoot issues and extend necessary technical support.

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Marketing and Business Development

Team up with seasoned mentors offer valuable strategies for gaining traction in the web3 space, assisting in marketing initiatives, and enhancing project visibility within the ecosystem.

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Expansive Ecosystem Connections

Join a vibrant community of developers and innovators, fostering collaboration and synergies that benefit both their project and the broader Tanssi ecosystem.

Appchain Pioneers Program_Tanssi Network - Priority Access to Future Project Initiaves Ico

Valuable Investor Introductions & Networking

Get the opportunity to connect with investors who support web3 projects, creating opportunities for financial backing and project growth.

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Priority Access to Future Project Initiatives

Gain priority access when you apply to upcoming Tanssi ecosystem initiatives, which will include opportunities to get potential financial support.

Appchain Pioneers Wanted:
Who's the Perfect Fit?

Teams Boasting a Diverse Skill Set

Including, but not limited to, coding, project management, marketing, and strategy.

Aptitude for Problem Solving

In designing comprehensive solutions for real-world challenges.

Proven Track Record of Achievements

Indicative of resilience, adaptability, and previous successes in their field.

Understanding of Market Needs

Strong grasp of target market's demands and strategies to address them.

Early Signs of Progress

Evidence of initial project development and preliminary results.

Practical Uses of Appchains

Proposing compelling and innovative appchain applications.

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Become an Appchain Pioneer: Here's How

Embark on a journey centered around building a developer-centric ecosystem. The growth of Tanssi is intimately tied to the success of its projects and the vibrancy of the community.


By becoming an Appchain Pioneer, one contributes to the collective triumph of the Tanssi network.

1. Complete the Application

Start your journey by filling out the comprehensive application form. Provide detailed insights about your team, project, and vision.

2. Application Review

Our team thoroughly reviews each application, assessing your project's potential and alignment with the program objectives.

3. Initial Team Interview

Successful applicants proceed to an initial interview, where we discuss your project in detail and assess the team dynamics.

4. Onboarding Meeting

Upon a successful interview, your team will be invited to an onboarding meeting to understand the program's benefits and responsibilities in depth.

5. Welcome to Appchain Pioneers!

Congratulations, your journey as an Appchain Pioneer begins! Immerse yourself in the vibrant community, access invaluable resources, and let's build the future of appchains together.

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