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Vulture Finance to Deploy Appchain Leveraging Tanssi's Infrastructure Protocol

Tortola, BVI – July 13, 2023 - Tanssi, the Appchain Infrastructure Protocol, announced today its collaboration with Vulture Finance, a decentralized exchange protocol striving to redefine DeFi through its one-stop platform for stable swaps. This strategic collaboration empowers Vulture Finance to deploy its own appchain swiftly and efficiently, utilizing Tanssi's robust suite of infrastructure tools and services.

With the deployment of its customized appchain, Vulture Finance is set to enhance transaction speeds, boost scalability, and strengthen its security. This opens the door to more robust governance for Vulture Finance, setting the stage for a more advanced DeFi user experience. This marks a significant milestone in Vulture Finance's journey.

"Deploying our own appchain with Tanssi marks a pivotal moment for Vulture Finance as we strive to redefine DeFi. With our appchain, we can tailor and streamline our services for maximum efficiency, security, and user experience. Joining the dynamic Tanssi ecosystem lets us bring our single-sided AMM and low-slippage DeFi solutions to a wider audience. This collaboration is a significant leap forward in our commitment to driving next-generation DeFi," Vulture Finance lead contributor.

Vulture's decision to adopt Tanssi's developer-friendly and permissionless protocol is reflective of an emerging trend in the dynamic DeFi landscape. Appchains offer projects enhanced performance, customization, and autonomy, unshackled from the constraints of base layer blockchains. With their inherent interoperability, they open new possibilities, allowing DeFi projects to interact with multiple blockchains, expand their user base, and bolster their security framework.

Deploying an appchain offers a wealth of benefits, but it can be fraught with complexities, especially in the realm of infrastructure management. Tanssi addresses these challenges head-on, offering a wide array of tools and services that simplify the appchain deployment process. In fact, with Tanssi, the time it takes to deploy an appchain is dramatically reduced from months to under an hour. This allows projects like Vulture Finance to focus their energy on what really matters – their code, enhancing user experiences, and fostering community growth.

"At Tanssi, our mission is to simplify the appchain deployment process, allowing teams like Vulture Finance to focus on enhancing the user experience of DeFi. Vulture's approach to DeFi is pioneering, and their integration into the Tanssi ecosystem stands to redefine the DeFi landscape. This collaboration will enable Vulture Finance to innovate further while contributing significantly to the broader DeFi community on Tanssi," says Francisco Agosti, Co-Founder at Tanssi.

When an appchain integrates with Tanssi, it evolves into a ContainerChain, unlocking a comprehensive range of infrastructure management services. These include, but are not limited to, block production, data availability, cross-chain messaging, and bridges to external networks. In addition to these, Tanssi also provides a variety of management tools, templates, and key integrations like wallets, indexers, RPC endpoints, block explorers, and oracles.

As Vulture Finance leverages Tanssi's ContainerChain architecture and sharding solution, it is set to achieve improved scalability and efficiently handle high transaction volumes. This collaboration will result in a smoother user experience, backed by the robust security offered by Tanssi's architecture and the Polkadot relay chain. The enhanced governance and economic efficiency achieved by deploying its own appchain can pave the way for more tailored decision-making and competitive transaction fees, further augmenting Vulture Finance's growth strategy.

Vulture Finance, with its innovative approach to DeFi, is a valuable addition to the Tanssi ecosystem. By blending the best of DeFi innovations into a simple DeFi primitive, Vulture Finance provides a superior liquidity provider experience through single-sided staking and auto-balancing of token pools, ensuring low slippage on large trades. The inclusion of an NFT reward mechanism to boost transaction volume and gamify participation is a testament to Vulture Finance's forward-thinking approach. As Vulture Finance redefines DeFi, exciting new features and capabilities will now become accessible to the Tanssi community with the deployment of its own appchain. This strategic collaboration not only enhances the offerings within the Tanssi ecosystem but also fosters active participation and innovative growth, setting the stage for a new era in DeFi.

As this transformative collaboration unfolds, Tanssi and Vulture Finance anticipate a TestNet deployment later this year, marking the first step towards a future mainnet launch. Stay updated on this milestone and more by visiting

About the Tanssi Network

Currently under development, Tanssi is an appchain infrastructure protocol that simplifies appchain deployment, making it secure, efficient, and easy while eliminating the lengthy and complex process of traditional blockchain implementation. Tanssi's permissionless and dev-friendly protocol provides developers with infrastructure tools and services to deploy appchains quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, the Tanssi protocol benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Tanssi accelerates the path from concept to deployment for developers. Learn more at

About Vulture Finance

Vulture Finance is a decentralized exchange protocol centered on reimagining the DeFi space. It offers a platform for stable swaps, primarily through a unique single-sided Automated Market Maker (AMM). Vulture Finance integrates various DeFi innovations into a simplified DeFi primitive, including single-sided staking, incentive mechanisms for auto-balancing token pools, low slippage on large trades, and an NFT reward mechanism. These features aim to enhance transaction volume and incentivize active participation in the platform, offering a distinct approach to decentralized finance. Learn more at

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Misti S
Misti S
Jul 14, 2023

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