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Tanssi Monthly Newsletter - September 2023

Tanssi Network | Monthly Newsletter September 2023

Dancebox, the Tanssi TestNet is Now Live Spotlightning ContainerChains

Cheers to another step forward as we inch closer to the Tanssi MainNet launch! Moondance Labs, the team behind Tanssi, has launched Dancebox, Tanssi's Testnet. With Dancebox, developers can now deploy their appchains in just a few easy clicks, saying goodbye to long and complex deployment times. Eager to learn more? Keep on reading 👇

The Next Phase in Appchain Deployment is Here

While appchains are all about customization and dedicated block space, their deployment can be a real pain - think complex, slow, and a tad expensive. And here's where ContainerChains shine!

ContainerChains are the fusion of appchains' vast capabilities and the simplicity of smart contract deployment. Connect an appchain to Tanssi, and voilà! It evolves into a ContainerChain, unlocking many infrastructure resources.

Tanssi Newsletter September - ContainerChains fusion the flexibility and customizability of appchains with the ease of deployment of smart contracts

More About ContainerChains:

  • Rooted in the Substrate's modular framework, ContainerChains are highly customizable.

  • ContainerChains include pre-built templates. And for those who speak Ethereum? EVM-compatible templates are also available.

  • ContainerChains provide many infra services such as block production, data retrieval, integrations like wallets and indexers, and a whole lot more.

80+ projects are ready to get onboarded into Dancebox and deploy their appchains with Tanssi. Ready to be part of the appchain revolution? Deploy Your Appchain with Dancebox Now!

Tanssi Network | Community NFT for early community members

🎉 Let’s Celebrate Our Community!

With the launch of Dancebox, we've rolled out our first-ever community NFT! This isn't just a token of your early and proactive commitment to Tanssi. It's a gateway to numerous exciting benefits. → Claim Your Community Pioneers NFT!


New Ecosystem Integrations

Stay informed with the latest from the Tanssi ecosystem. Explore the collaborations shaping our network's future. Let's dive in!

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | Magnet and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | Galaxia Studios and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

Magnet Smart Contract Hub Deploys on Dancebox

Magnet is one of the first to deploy an appchain on Dancebox. Through this collab, Magnet's on track to become the go-to spot for smart contracts on Polkadot.

→ Read more

Galaxia Studios to Launch Gaming Hub in Collaboration with Tanssi.

Through its collaboration with Tanssi and leveraging their appchain infrastructure, Galaxia is set on delivering top-notch gaming experiences.

→ Read more


More Tanssi Resources

Delve into insights, trends, and educational content that shape and redefine the blockchain landscape.

Icon | Understanding Polkadot 2.0 Vision and Tanssi’s Role in Boosting Appchain Integration

Understanding Polkadot 2.0 Vision and Tanssi’s Role in Boosting Appchain Integration

Read more →

Icon - Bridging the Gap: Tanssi Makes Appchains as Developer-Friendly as Smart Contracts

Bridging the Gap: Tanssi Makes Appchains as Developer-Friendly as Smart Contracts

Read more →

Icon - Visit the Tanssi Documentation Site

Visit the Tanssi Doc site to dive into technical resources to get started with Tanssi ContainerChains and deploy your appchain in a few clicks

Read more →

Icon - Tanssi Tutorials in YouTube

Tutorial | How to Deploy a ContainerChain on Tanssi Dancebox Testnet Watch here →

Icon - Tanssi Tutorials in YouTube

Tutorial | How to Get Started with your EVM ContainerChain (Part 1) Watch here →


Spotlight on Future & Past Events

Stay tuned for upcoming events. Relive Tanssi's insights from events this month. Let's go!

Future Events

Xspace | From Deployment to Sustained Growth in Blockchain with Gauntlet

🗓️ Tues, Oct 17 at 9 am ET | Save your spot

Telegram | Ask Me Anything hosted by Double Top Traders

🗓️ Thurs, Oct 19 at 9 am ET | Join here

Past Events


🪩✨ Let's Keep Dancing!

Stay connected and in the loop with all things Tanssi! Engage with us on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or keep this newsletter handy. See you in the next update!

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