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Tanssi Monthly Newsletter - June 2023

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Tanssi Network | Monthly Newsletter June 2023

Ready to dive into the latest updates from Tanssi? From exciting product updates to engaging community initiatives, here's a snapshot of everything that has unfolded over the past month!

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | Tanssi Technical Overview

Decoding Tanssi: A Technical Overview of the Appchain Infrastructure Protocol

Ever wondered how Tanssi contributes to the Polkadot ecosystem? Here's your chance to delve into the tech behind Tanssi, the challenges it addresses, and the strategic thinking powering its design. → Read more

Tanssi Network - Featured Image |  Tanssi Ambassador Program Revealed

The Tanssi Ambassador Program is Now Open for Applications!

This is an exciting initiative designed for those passionate about Tanssi and appchain tech. The Tanssi Ambassador Program provides ambassadors with the support and resources needed to spread the word about Tanssi globally. → Read more


Ecosystem Announcements

Stay informed with the latest from the Tanssi ecosystem. Explore the collaborations shaping our network's future. Let's dive in!

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | LeverFi and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

Tanssi Network - Featured Image | RMRK and Tanssi Collaboration Announcement

LeverFi Harnesses Tanssi’s Infrastructure

LeverFi is leveraging Tanssi's infrastructure to launch its own appchain, paving the way for a high-performance DeFi platform within the Tanssi and Polkadot ecosystems. Discover what this means for them.

→ Read more

RMRK Will Build Their Own Appchain with Tanssi

This collaboration allows the RMRK team to launch its own appchain within the Polkadot ecosystem, bypassing the typical challenges of independent development. Learn how this partnership benefits them. → Read more


Tanssi Event Highlights

From insightful AMAs to in-depth technical discussions, explore the happenings from the Tanssi universe. Here's a rundown of recent events!

🪩 Polkadot Decoded | Introducing Tanssi - A Protocol to Radically Accelerate Adoption on Polkadot

Tanssi's co-founder, Francisco, shared how Tanssi is reshaping appchain deployment and sparking massive dev adoption within the Polkadot ecosystem. → Watch the replay

🐻 Tanssi Twitter Space | Bear With Us: Bull Projects Building in the Bear

In this insightful talk, Phil (EasyA), Francisco (Tanssi), Alberto (Moonbeam), and Alexei (Interlay) dive into the realities of developing in a bear market and building a strong global community. → Listen to the recording

🇲🇽 International AMA | Polkadot Mexico AMA with Tanssi (Spanish)

Tanssi's co-founder Francisco got together with the Polkadot Mexico folks. They discussed the Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol and the challenges & opportunities that come with blockchain development. → Listen to the recording


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