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Galaxia Studios to Launch Gaming Hub, Enhancing User Experiences, Through Collaboration With Tanssi

Tortola, BVI – August 17, 2023. Today, Tanssi, an Appchain Infrastructure Protocol, has announced its collaboration with Galaxia Studios, a Web3 product studio at the forefront of on-chain games, dNFTs, and EVM infrastructures. With this integration, Galaxia Studios gains the ability to launch its own customized appchain connected to the Tanssi protocol. This connection opens up numerous advantages for Galaxia Studios, including the utilization of dedicated block space, an enhanced user experience, and the potential to introduce powerful features such as game upgrades driven by community-owned governance in the near future. This strategic development represents a significant step forward in the blockchain gaming industry. With Tanssi handling the intricacies of appchain infrastructure management, Galaxia Studios can focus on what they do best: delivering high-quality games and superior user experiences.

The Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol caters efficiently to the gaming industry's needs. It simplifies appchain deployment by offering developers the necessary tools and services for swift deployment. This aspect of Tanssi is particularly beneficial for on-chain gaming companies that aim to reap the rewards of owning appchains—such as leveraging dedicated block space and performance optimization—without the need to navigate the complexities of infrastructure management.

By connecting to Tanssi, appchains evolve into ContainerChains, gaining access to essential infrastructure resources and services, including block production, data availability, and cross-chain messaging. Tanssi also facilitates the use of management tools, templates, and integrations, thereby enabling ContainerChains to have everything they need to run in a reliable and secure environment. Moreover, Tanssi enhances its shared security and interoperability beyond the Polkadot relaychain, facilitating connectivity to any chain through features such as Moonbeam Routed Liquidity. This expanded cross-chain interaction opens up vast opportunities for immersive gaming experiences and allows gaming projects to enjoy the advantages of a dedicated appchain without the stress of infrastructure management. Consequently, Tanssi emerges as an infrastructure protocol that proficiently addresses the unique requirements of blockchain gaming.

This support will not only provide Galaxia Studios the space and customizability needed for their broad range of on-chain games but also afford them dedicated block space. This dedicated block space helps gaming projects to provide the best possible user experiences and introduces the element of sovereign governance. The latter feature empowers players to vote on game evolution, allowing them to contribute significantly to the game's progression based on their feedback, putting the evolution of the game directly into the hands of the players

"Our collaboration with Galaxia Studios signifies a milestone in Tanssi's journey. This integration not only strengthens our network but also manifests the progress we are making in on-chain gaming. Essentially, Galaxia Studios, deploying connected to Tanssi, will unlock their potential to expand their own gaming hub, unleashing a new set of use-cases for their ecosystem," says Francisco Agosti, Tanssi co-Founder.

Additionally, this collaboration lays the groundwork for future advancements. Galaxia Studios will have the potential to introduce features like employing the game token as the gas token for their appchain. In summary, this alliance doesn't only equip Galaxia Studios with the necessary tools to amplify its current on-chain gaming offerings but also prepares them for future innovation, all while not having to spend time on the appchain infrastructure.

"Our collaboration with Tanssi marks an exciting milestone for both Galaxia Studios and the Tanssi ecosystem. By joining forces, we aim to revolutionize the gaming experience for Tanssi's users. With access to Galaxia Studios' games and products, Tanssi users can expect a whole new level of immersive entertainment and unparalleled engagement. Together, we are poised to create a vibrant and dynamic gaming community on the Tanssi network, empowering Tanssi users to explore limitless possibilities and embark on unforgettable adventures. This collaboration truly amplifies the Tanssi ecosystem, opening doors to unparalleled excitement and enriching the experience of our shared user base." says Saar Yazdi, Founder of Galaxia Studios.

As part of the collaboration, Galaxia Studios is bringing its innovative Web3 gaming studio to the Tanssi ecosystem to initiate application-specific gaming chains. In turn, Tanssi users gain access to Galaxia Studio's robust ecosystem—a diverse portfolio of on-chain games and dynamic NFTs—designed to offer the best possible experience for gamers.

This integration process between Galaxia Studios and Tanssi commences with a deployment on the Tanssi TestNet, expected to be live in Q3 2023. Looking further ahead, the Tanssi MainNet is anticipated to launch by early 2024. To stay informed on project updates, consider subscribing to the Tanssi newsletter. This unfolding journey promises to bring exciting developments in the realm of blockchain gaming.

About the Tanssi Network

Currently under development, Tanssi is an appchain infrastructure protocol that simplifies appchain deployment, making it secure, efficient, and easy while eliminating the lengthy and complex process of traditional blockchain implementation. Tanssi's permissionless and dev-friendly protocol provides developers with infrastructure tools and services to deploy appchains quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, the Tanssi protocol benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Tanssi accelerates the path from concept to deployment for developers. Learn more at

About Galaxia Studios

Galaxia Studios, a global leader in Web3 and blockchain game development, is a next-generation Web3 product studio renowned for its focus on innovation and rapid experimentation. Specializing in the realms of fully on-chain games, dynamic NFTs (dNFTs), and EVM infrastructures, Galaxia Studios is at the forefront of fully on-chain gaming. Committed to providing true asset ownership, transparency, fairness, and interoperability, it crafts engaging and trust-building gaming experiences. Visit Galaxia Studios at to learn more about their games and products, and how you can join their thriving community.

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