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Tanssi Monthly Newsletter - October 2023

Building Momentum: A Growing Ecosystem At Tanssi

100+ projects - ready to deploy their appchains with Tanssi’s Testnet, Dancebox.

Riding the momentum from the Dancebox TestNet launch last month, we're spotlighting the growing ecosystem of Tanssi Network. This is where developers deploy robust appchains smoothly, in just a few clicks, contributing to a lively and collaborative infrastructure. Each step takes us closer to the MainNet launch. Ready to be part of the appchain revolution? Deploy Your Appchain with Dancebox

Dive into this edition to explore the ongoing development and the collective effort driving our network forward 👇


New Ecosystem Integrations

Stay informed with the latest from the Tanssi ecosystem. Explore the collaborations shaping our network's future.

Gauntlet Joins Forces with Moondance Labs for Tanssi’s Economic Model Design 🎯

With Gauntlet's expertise in protocol design and quantitative finesse, Tanssi's payment model is getting a boost! Advising on strategies for sustainable growth in Tanssi's ecosystem & exploring economic mechanisms like staking and burning. Read more →

Ajuna's Dancebox TestNet Deployment: Aiming for Gaming Efficiency 🎮

With Tanssi taking the reins of Ajuna's appchain intricacies, Ajuna can save on costs, time, and resources. This strategic play frees Ajuna's developers to dive into what they do best: designing a gaming realm that's nothing short of epic! Read more →

Immu3 Advances On-Chain Communication via EVM Appchain Deployment ☎️

Immu3, with Tanssi’s support, will have its appchain through a successful deployment on Dancebox. This will bring unparalleled on-chain communication to the Tanssi and Polkadot ecosystems. Read more →


Tanssi Resources

🔮 Discover the realm of Tanssi Network on YouTube with captivating Xspace events and insightful tutorials. Learn more →

Tutorial | Deploy Contracts on your ContainerChain with Ethers.js - Watch more →

Tutorial | Use Ethers.js to Send Transactions on your EVM ContainerChain - Watch more →

Let’s Talk ContainerChains, The Series.

🤿 Dive into the World of Efficient Data Retrieval & the Future of Block Production #LetsTalkContainerChains! 🚀

🔍 Unveiling the Power of Data Retrieval with ContainerChains & Tanssi! Discover how this pivotal feature enhances appchain efficiency, ensuring smooth operations and robust smart contract functionality 🛠️ Read more →

🧱 Streamlining Block Production in Appchain Development with Tanssi's Expertise! Explore the strategic role of block producers in enhancing chain activity and security and how Tanssi's service alleviates complexities in deploying and managing blockchain infrastructure. 🏗️ Read more →


Future Events

Check out upcoming events where you can connect with the Tanssi team.

🪩 HK | Polkadot HK Day Meet Christina Lee, Head of BD, Tanssi 🗓️ Nov 6-7| Save your spot

❄️ Polkadot Winter Hackathon 🗓️ Nov 1- Jan 24 | Save your spot

Past Events

Did you miss some of our recent events? Listen to insights & key takeaways right here.

🆇 Francisco Agosti, the co-founder of Tanssi joined the Polkadotters to chat about how Tanssi Network simplifies appchain deployment. Listen here

🆇 Learn about appchain economics and sustainable growth strategies with Gaunlet & Tanssi. Listen here

🎥 Alberto, a Tanssi contributor, recently showcased 'Effortless Appchain Deployment with Tanssi's ContainerChains' on #Substrate Saturday hosted by OneBlock. Listen here


🪩✨ Let's Keep Dancing!

Stay connected and in the loop with all things Tanssi! Engage with us on Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or keep this newsletter handy. See you in the next update!

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