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A New Paradigm in Appchain Deployment

Tanssi, an appchain infrastructure protocol, is currently under construction to simplify and enhance appchain deployment like never before.

Tanssi Eliminates Appchain Infrastructure Complexities

Appchains connected to the Tanssi Network transform into ContainerChains, gaining access to a range of tools and resources. By harnessing Tanssi's permissionless and developer-focused protocol, appchain builders can turn their ideas into a working concept in less than an hour.

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Tanssi eliminates the time-consuming and resource-draining task of managing various infrastructure components by offering a set of customizable tools and resources available as-a-service. 


Built on the Rust-based Substrate framework, Tanssi offers high performance, flexibility, and rapid deployment via its library of pre-built pallets. Substrate's modular structure eases appchain creation and deployment.



Tanssi ensures robust security and liveness by leveraging both Polkadot's shared security architecture and Tanssi's shared collator set. Developers can customize the implementation of their Appchain Container to meet their unique security needs.


& Automation

Tanssi's built-in automated and permissionless protocol allows swift appchain deployment and access to tools and services without off-chain agreements or interactions, freeing developers to focus on their projects.

Interoperability &

Cross-Chain Comms

Leveraging Polkadot's XCM for interoperable, secure cross-chain connectivity between appchains containers, parachains, and other major blockchains like Ethereum mainnet.

User Experience
& Adoption

Tanssi's dev-friendly protocol reduces capital requirements by providing a more efficient and less resource-intensive process for launching and maintaining an appchain

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