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Ajuna Completes Appchain Deployment on Dancebox TestNet, Prioritizing Efficiency & Gaming Experience

Tortola, BVI – October 19, 2023. Tanssi, the appchain infrastructure protocol, has announced a collaboration with Ajuna Network, a decentralized web3 gaming platform. Following this collaboration, Ajuna has successfully completed its appchain deployment on Dancebox, Tanssi’s TestNet.

With Tanssi supporting Ajuna in managing the intricate details of its appchain infrastructure, Ajuna stands to gain significant efficiencies in terms of costs, time, and resources. This strategic move empowers Ajuna's developers to concentrate on their core mission: delivering an unparalleled gaming user experience.

Ajuna is a decentralized gaming platform designed to integrate the immersive experience of top-tier gaming engines, like Unity and Unreal, with the benefits of blockchain technology. This allows gamers to own their in-game assets on a decentralized ledger, ensuring the value of their items isn't undermined by external decisions. Ajuna also uses powerful off-chain trusted execution environments (TEEs) connected to the Polkadot blockchain network to ensure high-performance gameplay. In essence, Ajuna seeks to bridge the gap between high-quality gaming and the advantages of decentralized asset ownership.

“Working with the team at Tanssi, not only allows Ajuna Network to further optimize its infrastructure but also deliver the best toolkit for developers. Having already spent time working on this solution with their team, we are excited to keep together,” said Cedric Decoster, CEO and founder.

The Ajuna team, having previously managed its infrastructure in-house, recognized Tanssi's value proposition. By collaborating with Tanssi, Ajuna alleviates the burdens of chain operations, maintenance, and block producers’ management. Their first collaborative effort saw a deployment on Dancebox, Tanssi's TestNet. Subsequently, Ajuna transitioned to a ContainerChain, unlocking a suite of advanced appchain infrastructure services. This strategic move allows Ajuna to hone its focus on project development, user adoption, and interoperable network connections.

Furthermore, Tanssi's capabilities extend its shared security and interoperability beyond just the Polkadot relaychain. Facilitating communication with features like Moonbeam Routed Liquidity enables connectivity to any chain, fostering extensive cross-chain interactions and riveting gaming experiences. This allows gaming projects to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated appchain without the weight of infrastructure management. As a result, Tanssi stands out as an infrastructure protocol tailored to meet the unique demands of blockchain gaming.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Ajuna, given their expertise in web3 gaming. The alignment between Ajuna's needs and Tanssi's unique value—simplifying appchain infrastructure deployment and maintenance—is evident. Our collaboration extends beyond just running their chain. Together, we're committed to enhancing the web3 gaming experience, and we value Ajuna's insights in this journey," says Francisco Agosti, Tanssi co-founder.

This collaboration with Ajuna underscores Tanssi's dedication to broadening its gaming ecosystem. Tanssi users can now tap into Ajuna's extensive portfolio of cutting-edge on-chain games. Developers keen to build with Tanssi can visit Dancebox, the Tanssi TestNet, to get started.

About the Tanssi Network

Tanssi's appchain infrastructure protocol is built to simplify and accelerate appchain deployment using ContainerChains. When an appchain connects to Tanssi, it becomes a ContainerChain, accessing a developer-friendly and permissionless environment that provides infrastructure as a service. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just hours— a significant leap from the typical months-long process. On top of this, Tanssi also benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. Learn more at

About Ajuna

Ajuna Network is a Switzerland-based decentralized gaming platform that brings blockchain gaming into the mainstream by integrating on-chain functionality with the world's leading development engines, Unreal and Unity. Built on Substrate, Ajuna leverages the full potential of the Polkadot ecosystem to provide developers with unprecedented flexibility to handle gaming infrastructure on-chain. Ajuna's ultimate goal is to create real value for both players and creators by enabling true digital ownership of game assets and shaping the future of gaming.

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