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Welcome to the Tanssi June Newsletter!🌞

🌞 GM Tanssi fam! The latest Dancebox updates are out, all setting the stage for the Tanssi Network launch. Let’s Forkin Dance is blazing with 100k participants and 1M transactions! Dive into new projects shaking up Tanssiland and catch us at Polkadot Decoded in Brussels and Blockchain.RIO in Brazil. Curious? Let’s get into the groove! 🎉

These updates are gearing us up for the big Tanssi Network launch later this year! With these new features, appchain operations are about to get a whole lot smoother, making life easier for our builders. Stay tuned for more exciting developments! Read more here.

That's right, Let's Forkin Dance, Tanssi's incentivized testnet campaign, is on fire! If you're already climbing the leaderboard, keep going! And if you haven't joined yet, now's the time. The campaign runs right up to the mainnet launch, giving you plenty of chances to reach the top.

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight: A Closer Look at New Projects on Tanssi

New projects have onboarded to Tanssiland, bringing exciting use cases in infrastructure scaling, NFT innovation, and decentralized education.

  • Crust: Scaling its infrastructure with Tanssi’s appchain protocol to optimize performance, scale infrastructure, and manage resources cost-effectively.

  • OpenMark: Revolutionizing the NFT market by launching an appchain on Dancebox, enhancing scalability, robust security, and seamless NFT creation on the OpenMark platform.

  • AIWeb3: Joining forces with Tanssi to elevate decentralized education, making it easier for content creators to control their work and earn rewards.

  • C9 Tech: Transforming social benefits with Brazil’s first municipal blockchain currency, bringing unparalleled efficiency, transparency, and financial inclusion to the community.

🗓️ Event Highlights: Must-See Moments

Upcoming Event:

🇧🇪 Polkadot Decoded 2024

The Tanssi team is heading to Polkadot Decoded next week! Discover how Tanssi is making appchain launches effortless with just a few clicks. Attend exciting presentations, participate in workshops, and win exclusive Tanssi swag. Dive into the vibrant Dotsama ecosystem.

🇧🇷 Blockchain.RIO 2024

🗓️ July 24-25, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Grab your ticket here.

Tanssi is heading to Blockchain.RIO, Latin America's blockchain innovation hotspot! Dive into insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and engaging side events. Follow us on Twitter for the full lineup and a chance to win tickets!

Past Events Recap:

  • Appchains Unlocked: Catch the replay of our inaugural #TanssiUnlocked event, featuring top projects from the Tanssi ecosystem: BitDotCountry, Dodaodev, and immu3_io

  • AIWeb3 PolkaTalk: Christine, Tanssi's Ecosystem Development Lead, joined the event organized by AIWeb3; listen to the replay.

  • Building the Future of Web3 on Polkadot: Francisco, CEO of @TanssiNetwork, shared insights on the Tanssi journey alongside other pioneering Web3 project leaders.

💃 Join Tanssi community!

The excitement is just beginning! Dive into the "Let's Forkin Dance" campaign, connect with incredible people from around the globe and contribute to Tanssi's growth.

Stay in the loop—join our Discord, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our Telegram and newsletters to catch all the latest updates. Don’t miss a beat!

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