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Dancebox, Tanssi's Testnet, Now Features Flexible Block Production, Token Management, and Interoperability

Updated: Jun 11

Tanssi, an appchain infrastructure protocol, has announced a significant update to their testnet, Dancebox. Tanssi builders can now benefit from new key features, including pay-as-you-go block production, token management, and cross-chain communication.

These updates mark a major step towards the launch of the Tanssi Network later this year, demonstrating Tanssi's commitment to providing the best builder experience for appchain launch and management. The new features are designed to streamline operations, enhance economic control, and ensure seamless interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

Let's take a closer look at the new features.


Pay-As-You-Go Block Production

Payments for Block Production is a feature that helps builders manage the costs of producing blocks on their appchain by providing a clear view of the expenses involved. It allows projects to top up funds and project future costs. Just like keeping your car running by monitoring fuel levels, monitoring block production costs ensures smooth operation. Without sufficient funds, the appchain cannot continue running. Previously, managing these costs was a bit of guesswork, but now builders have a detailed breakdown of expenses at their fingertips.

🏁 Get Started with this Guide → Block Production Services Payment

Key New Features for Builders

  • Balance: Displays the current funds available for producing blocks.

  • Days Remaining: Shows how many days the appchain can continue producing blocks with the available funds.

  • Cost Per Block: Indicates the number of tokens required for each block, reflecting the operational cost.

  • Cost Per Session: Details the expense for each block production session (1 hour).

How It Changes User Experience

With this feature, projects get a clear and detailed view of block production costs directly from their appchain through Tanssi's dApp, allowing them to manage resources more efficiently. This leads to fewer unexpected interruptions, smoother operation, and easier financial management, ensuring continuous operation and better resource planning.

Token Management for Appchain Oversight

Token Management allows builders to efficiently manage the gas token of their appchain, enabling them to mint tokens, update balances, and set gas dynamics. This feature is crucial for maintaining the economic stability of their appchain, ensuring smooth operations and effective resource management.

🏁 Get Started with this Guide → How to Manage Tokens on Dancebox

Key New Features for Builders

  • Mint Tokens: Allows builders to mint more tokens to a specific address.

  • Update Balance: Enables updating of balances of any account.

  • Transfer Tokens: Facilitates the removal and updating of balances.

  • Gas Dynamics: Allows builders to change the EIP 1559 gas dynamics.

How It Changes User Experience

This feature allows developers to manage their appchain’s token economy more effectively. Builders can mint new tokens, adjust balances, and control gas dynamics directly from Tanssi's dApp. This streamlines operations, ensuring more efficient resource management and better performance for the appchain.

Native Cross-Chain Communication (XCM)

XCM (Cross-Consensus Messaging) is Polkadot's cross-chain communication protocol. It allows developers to open and manage HRMP (Horizontal Relay-routed Message Passing) channels between appchains, enabling them to share functionality and data. Imagine the early days of computers when transferring files between different systems was complicated and time-consuming. Now, think of XCM as the evolution that makes cross-chain communication as seamless as modern file sharing. In Web3, such interoperability is crucial for building interconnected blockchain ecosystems.

Initial XCM features have been added to Dancebox to facilitate this enhanced cross-chain communication. Let's take a look.

🏁 Get Started with this Guide → Manage Cross-Chain Communication Channels

Key New Features for Builders

  • Sovereign Account: View the Sovereign Account address and deposit funds to pay for XCM fees.

  • Open Channels: Request to open channels with other appchains and view their outgoing status.

  • Incoming Requests: View, approve, or deny incoming channel requests.

  • Established Channels: Manage and monitor established channels.

How It Changes User Experience

XCM allows developers to easily manage cross-chain communications, facilitating smoother interactions between different appchains. This ensures efficient collaboration and resource sharing across the blockchain ecosystem. Additionally, XCM enables builders to tap into the functionality of other parachains, such as Moonbeam Routed Liquidity, to connect with external networks and expand their communities and ecosystems.

Build with Tanssi

The Tanssi community can try the latest enhancements on Dancebox, Tanssi's testnet. These new features—pay-as-you-go block production, token management, and cross-chain communication—are designed to streamline operations, enhance financial stability, and ensure seamless interoperability within the blockchain ecosystem.

To learn more about Tanssi and its mission to make appchains more accessible, visit


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