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Tanssi & OpenMark: Next-Gen NFT Marketplace Through Advanced Appchain Deployment

The Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol has teamed up with OpenMark, a community-centric marketplace for creators and collectors in web3. The collaboration began with OpenMark’s appchain launch on Dancebox, Tanssi’s testnet, significantly boosting the platform's scalability by allowing it to handle higher transaction volumes and enhancing security through robust decentralized mechanisms.

"Tanssi's strategy has been highly effective in helping OpenMark attract more users. The appchain deployment process is very easy to execute, offering a streamlined and user-friendly experience that requires minimal technical expertise. We are truly grateful to Tanssi Network for their invaluable help in achieving our success." — Stefan Muto, Project Owner at OpenMark.

Supercharging the Scene: OpenMark Takes Strategic Leap to Revolutionize the NFT Market

OpenMark is an innovative platform for NFT enthusiasts designed to foster community growth, increase on-chain activity, and enhance network economics. It features a unique economic model, intuitive no-code tools for NFT creation, seasonal rewards, and various trading options. Think of OpenMark as the Swiss Army knife for NFTs—it offers everything you need in one place. The platform’s user-friendly interface, EVM compatibility, flexible trading fees, and audited smart contracts ensure a seamless and secure user experience.

To further engage users, OpenMark offers features like Genesis NFTs, NFT staking, and a referral system, making it a comprehensive solution for the digital asset community. Prioritizing community engagement, secure trading, and innovative NFT functionalities, OpenMark is now advancing by developing its own appchain on Tanssi. This strategic move addresses specific challenges in the NFT marketplace, such as centralization, lack of transparency, and inadequate financial incentives, particularly in the gaming sector.

OpenMark recognizes several areas for improvement in the current NFT marketplace, such as the need for greater transparency, better financial incentives, enhanced security, and lower costs. These challenges are especially relevant in the gaming sector, where web3 integration and user incentives can often be insufficient.

To address these challenges, OpenMark is building an appchain tailored specifically to enhance the NFT marketplace experience. This strategic move aims to deliver a more robust, secure, and rewarding platform for its users, optimizing scalability, transparency, and user engagement.

Tanssi x OpenMark: Leveling up the NFT Management

To overcome the challenges in the current NFT marketplace, OpenMark is building its own appchain tailored specifically to significantly enhance its user experience. Tanssi will equip OpenMark with the right appchain infrastructure tools and services, allowing them to deploy their appchain in minutes instead of months. This rapid deployment accelerates their go-to-market strategy and ensures robust infrastructure management, enabling OpenMark to focus on leveraging the benefits of their own appchain.

With Tanssi's support, OpenMark gains the flexibility and control needed to create NFTs in seconds using no-code creation and batch creation tools. Additionally, features like content moderation, content safety, and content variety are seamlessly integrated and stored on a decentralized server. This strategic approach ensures that OpenMark can deliver a superior NFT marketplace, addressing current market deficiencies and providing a secure, engaging, and economically viable platform for users.

Key benefits of an appchain for a marketplace like OpenMark include:

  • Dedicated Blockspace: Ensures seamless transaction processing and reduces congestion, providing a smooth user experience.

  • Enhanced Customizability: Allows OpenMark to tailor the appchain to meet the unique needs of its users, enhancing overall functionality.

  • Decentralized Storage: Integrates features like content moderation and safety while storing data on a decentralized server for increased security.

  • Scalability: Supports high transaction volumes, essential for a growing NFT marketplace.

  • Rapid Deployment: Enables quick appchain deployment, accelerating time-to-market and innovation cycles.

  • Economic Viability: Provides a cost-effective solution by reducing infrastructure management costs and allowing for reallocation of resources to higher-value tasks.

OpenMark’s vibrant NFT marketplace integrates seamlessly with Tanssi, providing users with extensive options for creating, trading, and engaging with NFTs in a highly secure and efficient environment.

Looking Forward: OpenMark's Journey to Cultivate a Thriving NFT Community on Tanssi

OpenMark's integration brings significant benefits to the Tanssi ecosystem. By making the native token central to NFT transactions, it enhances token utility and creates a more robust economic environment. This integration also boosts on-chain activity through frequent and diverse NFT transactions, contributing to the blockchain's overall health and growth.

OpenMark's collaboration with various NFT projects expands Tanssi's reach and influence. Additionally, OpenMark introduces Tanssi to its existing user base from the play-to-earn game H&E and the Marketplace Overmint, promoting Tanssi's appchain infrastructure and driving user engagement, thereby contributing to a more dynamic and innovative ecosystem.

The next steps in this collaboration include OpenMark's appchain deployment on Tanssi's mainnet later this year, further solidifying their alliance and enhancing the NFT marketplace experience for users.

OpenMark is also part of 'Let's Forkin Dance,' Tanssi's incentivized testnet campaign. To explore OpenMark’s quests, visit


About Tanssi Network

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure protocol is designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of appchains. By connecting a chain to Tanssi, it is instantly transformed into a modular appchain. This transition grants access to a developer-friendly and permissionless environment, fully stocked with all essential infrastructural components to run a chain right out of the box. Key features include a shared and decentralized network of block producers, ensuring robust security and data retrievability, alongside seamless integrations with vital tools like bridges, wallets, block explorers, RPC endpoints, indexers, oracles, and more. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just minutes—a significant improvement over the typical months-long process. Learn more at

About OpenMark

OpenMark is an innovative NFT marketplace platform. It employs flexible trading fees to accommodate users of all volumes, while entertaining its users via gamification through leaderboards and seasonal rewards. The platform offers diverse trading options, including direct buys, bundle wishlists, and competitive auctions, fostering an active trading environment. By increasing transaction volumes, OpenMark not only improves the robustness and performance of the blockchain but also drives the utility and value of its native tokens, making it an essential hub for NFT enthusiasts and creators. Learn more at

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