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Scaling The Great Escape: Leveraging Tanssi's Appchain Infrastructure for Player Base Expansion

The Tanssi appchain infrastructure protocol is pleased to announce a collaboration with The Great Escape (TGE), a blockchain-based game that blends expansive virtual jungles with dynamic gameplay to unite players and communities within an evolving web3 universe. This collaboration supports TGE's player-base expansion by equipping its team with a robust appchain infrastructure designed for smoother scalability, including dedicated blockspace and customization options to meet specific project requirements. The initiative has already seen a successful deployment of The Great Escape on Tanssi’s TestNet, Dancebox.

The Great Escape: Bridging Blockchain and Gaming for Greater Accessibility and Fun

The Great Escape is committed to democratizing blockchain gaming by making it straightforward and accessible for both current and prospective cryptocurrency holders. Distinct from many NFT-based games, The Great Escape strives to build connections between DeFi and NFT projects across multiple chains. Its goal is to educate gamers about DeFi and vice versa, fostering powerful synergies for a multi-chain future.

The Great Escape offers an engaging and easy-to-play hyper-casual platformer game on Moonbeam, accessible on both browser and mobile apps. Players can choose between a free Gibbon character or a GLMR Jungle NFT as their in-game avatar to participate in a race against time, collecting fruits and defeating enemies while navigating various traps. Players can also participate in tournaments, compete for weekly rewards, and unlock achievements over time. Rewards in the game are distributed in GLMR, GLMB (the game test token), and tokens from partner projects (NFT, DeFi), which in return provide a temporary game pass for their community members.

Deploying an appchain in Dancebox is The Great Escape's first step towards expanding its player community. Later in the year, the team plans to deploy an appchain on Tanssi’s Main Network. This deployment enables Tanssi to enhance its infrastructure by offloading onchain elements to TGE's chain.

"The dApp-chain technology provided by Tanssi allows us to significantly enhance our infrastructure. This advancement ensures that The Great Escape can accommodate an increasing number of players while maintaining our commitment to decentralization,” said Marin Enault CTO at The Great Escape.

Tanssi x The Great Escape: Enhancing Infrastructure for Scalable Web3 Gaming

TGE’s collaboration with Tanssi represents a significant evolution in their journey. Originally launched as a smart contract on Moonbeam, The Great Escape (TGE) has seen significant growth over the past two years. This expansion highlighted the need for improved web3 infrastructure to support its burgeoning community of players. In response, Tanssi integrates onchain elements with TGE's chain, enhancing scalability and facilitating a broader player inclusion in the virtual jungle.

This move to Tanssi's appchain symbolizes a harmonious integration between Moonbeam and Tanssi. While NFTs and financial transactions remain on Moonbeam, the core gaming operations transition to Tanssi's appchain, facilitating a more efficient handling of the game's high on-chain transaction demands. This innovative structure operates natively, leveraging XCM for cross-chain communication and the EVM address standard for seamless interaction.

These are additional benefits from Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure:

  • Customization: Tanssi’s substrate-based templates are not only highly customizable but also provide an ideal starting point for adapting the appchain to meet specific project requirements.

  • Cross-Chain Integrations: With the complexity of setting up XCM, Tanssi's built-in templates include XCM support and potential predefined connections, streamlining the integration process. Through Moonbeam’s Routed Liquidity, appchains can also connect with external chains.

  • Improved Performance: Dedicated resources ensure faster transaction times and reduced latency, significantly enhancing the gaming experience.

  • Full Governance: TGE can develop custom governance models that align with community preferences, enabling rapid iterations and updates in response to community feedback and the game’s development needs.

  • Network Liveness: By offering block production as a service, Tanssi eliminates the need for projects to onboard their own block producers, with a dynamic rotation system to distribute workload evenly. This approach minimizes network stability risks and slashing hazards, ensuring continuous, secure, and stable service.

This collaboration also widens the reach of Moonbeam's extensive NFT community within the Tanssi ecosystem. The Great Escape, featuring GLMR APES and GLMR Jungle, holds the unique status of Polkadot’s only cross-platform game, available on both mobile and browser platforms. With a weekly engagement nearing 200 players in closed beta, The Great Escape is poised to become one of the ecosystem's most captivating games as it transitions into open beta mode to welcome more players.

Looking Ahead

The collaboration between The Great Escape and Tanssi paves the way for exciting advancements in web3 gaming. We’re gearing up for more initiatives, including a web3 gaming tournament designed for the Tanssi community. Keep up with TGE updates at

Developers eager to deploy an appchain on Dancebox, Tanssi’s TestNet, can begin their journey at

About Tanssi Network

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure protocol is designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of appchains. By connecting a chain to Tanssi, it is instantly transformed into a modular appchain. This transition grants access to a developer-friendly and permissionless environment, fully stocked with all essential infrastructural components to run a chain right out of the box. Key features include a shared and decentralized network of block producers, ensuring robust security and data retrievability, alongside seamless integrations with vital tools like bridges, wallets, block explorers, RPC endpoints, indexers, oracles, and more. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just minutes—a significant improvement over the typical months-long process. Learn more at

About The Great Escape

The Great Escape distinguishes itself from conventional crypto games by being accessible on any EVM-compatible chain, allowing immediate gameplay and reducing the typical barriers associated with Web3 gaming. The game eliminates gas fees and simplifies the player experience, enabling easy exploration of its vibrant, competitive world. Utilizing technologies from Polkadot, Moonbeam, and Tanssi, it offers a uniquely accessible model featuring free-to-play, gas-less, and wallet-less options, where players only need to create a wallet when they choose to off-ramp. The game is chain-agnostic, supporting participation from any blockchain and offering rewards in various tokens according to player preference. With additional character types and purchasable items that enhance gameplay, The Great Escape, after refining its features in a closed beta with over 2,500 testers, is preparing to launch an open beta at the end of April 2024 to welcome a broader audience. Learn more at

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