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Sonica and Tanssi: Enhancing RWA Management Through Strategic Appchain Integration

Tanssi, the appchain infrastructure protocol, has teamed up with Sonica, a no-code SaaS platform for tokenizing real-world assets. The successful deployment of Sonica's appchain on Dancebox, Tanssi's TestNet, marks the start of a collaboration that enhances Sonica’s operational efficiency and scalability by providing a dedicated appchain and blockspace. This allows Sonica to tailor its blockchain to meet the specific needs of its business and clients transitioning from web2. The initiative aligns with Sonica’s goal to enrich the web3 ecosystem with a robust asset tokenization platform and to potentially offer it as a white-label solution.

"We firmly believe that tokenization is the future of the economy, and we are fully committed to providing a complete infrastructure and a robust solution so that any company can quickly take advantage of all the benefits of tokenization. To deliver an incredible product, we extract the best from blockchain technology and establish collaborations with good projects. In this context, Tanssi emerged as a key partner, bringing opportunities we thought were distant in our roadmap. Additionally, we were extremely well received by their community and ecosystem, making it a pleasure to collaborate so closely," says Marcio Gonzaga Jr, Founder and CTO at Sonica.

What is Sonica?

Sonica is akin to a bridge connecting traditional business practices with the future of digital transactions. As a no-code platform offering Software as a Service (SaaS), Sonica simplifies the process of asset tokenization, allowing users to create and distribute tokens that represent real-world assets (RWAs) like receivables, consortiums, and real estate. This platform provides an accessible route for companies rooted in web2 to seamlessly enter the expanding web3 space, opening up new markets and opportunities.

The importance of tokenization lies in its ability to democratize access to investment opportunities and enhance liquidity in markets that traditionally have high entry barriers. By transforming physical assets into digital tokens, Sonica ensures that a wider audience can engage with and invest in valuable assets that were previously out of reach. Tokenization allows assets and companies, that were once local, to become global, thereby accessing global liquidity in the blink of an eye.

Sonica supports several types of tokens:

  • Investment Tokens: Digital assets representing ownership or stakes in underlying assets such as stocks, real estate, or commodities.

  • Participation Tokens: These tokens provide equity-like shares or governance rights within a company.

  • Utility Tokens: Cryptocurrencies or digital assets that facilitate access to specific products or services within a digital ecosystem.

  • Sonica x Tanssi: Advancing RWA Management with Dedicated Appchain Integration

Sonica’s decision to establish its own appchain with Tanssi is driven by the need to manage Real-World Assets (RWA) through specialized tokenization protocols. Utilizing Tanssi’s infrastructure for rapid and efficient appchain deployment, this strategic initiative accelerates the launch of Sonica’s tokens while enhancing scalability and operational efficiency within the web3 space. This approach allows for the precise tokenization of RWAs, encoding ownership, rights, and obligations into digital tokens, ensuring compliance with diverse legal standards and facilitating smoother transactions across different jurisdictions.

Key Advantages Include:

Dedicated Blockspace

Sonica's own appchain ensures operations remain unaffected by the congestion typical of shared blockchains, providing reliable and predictable performance crucial for RWA transactions.

Customizable Blockchain Environment

Tanssi's Substrate-based appchain environment allows Sonica to extensively customize transaction formats, consensus mechanisms, and security protocols. This capability is critical for meeting the unique demands of Real-World Asset (RWA) management and ensuring compliance with various regulatory standards. The adaptability of the Substrate framework ensures that Sonica's platform can evolve alongside industry standards and client expectations.

Tokenization & Governance

An important aspect of customization within Sonica's blockchain environment is the ability to create its own token. This token can serve multiple critical roles: as the gas token to facilitate operations on the chain, for governance, and potentially as a fundamental component in financial services leveraging the Real-World Asset (RWA) tokens hosted on Sonica’s chain. This multifunctional utility underscores the versatility and innovative potential of Sonica’s platform.

Native Interoperability

Operating on a Substrate-based framework, Sonica’s appchain supports seamless interoperability, facilitating easy integration with other parachains in the Polkadot network. This connectivity is enhanced by links to platforms like Moonbeam, which provide access to external chains and additional liquidity pools through Moonbeam Routed Liquidity (MRL).

Scalability and Efficiency

The appchain offers Sonica the flexibility to scale operations in response to client demands, free from the limitations of public blockchains. This scalability is crucial for managing the large transaction volumes often seen in RWA markets, especially as Sonica aims to bridge the gap between the web2 and web3 universes by simplifying user interactions and enhancing user experience.

Network Security and Liveness

By offering block production as a service, Tanssi eliminates the need for projects like Sonica to onboard their own block producers, implementing a dynamic rotation system to distribute the workload evenly. This approach minimizes network stability risks and slashing. hazards, ensuring continuous, secure, and stable service. Additionally, being in a Substrate environment, there is also a shared set of validators natively from the relay chain, further enhancing the security and robustness of the network.

“Sonica has built a robust tokenization infrastructure and is now launching it as an RWA platform. However, this is just the first of many products that can emerge from their white-label solution. Essentially, Sonica is not just a single-product company; it's a substantial platform for web2 and web3 companies to quickly launch their token-based products and services. I couldn't be prouder of this fantastic addition to Tanssi’s ecosystem,” says Thiago Rudiger, VP of Growth at Moondance Labs.

Future Outlook

The collaboration between Sonica and Tanssi kicked off with a successful appchain deployment on Dancebox, Tanssi’s TestNet. Sonica’s team, familiar with Ethereum's Solidity, took advantage of Tanssi’s EVM-compatible templates to transition smoothly to a Substrate environment, which offers extensive customizability. This strategic move has streamlined Sonica’s operations and enhanced its ability to offer a robust, white-label platform for asset tokenization. Designed for ease of adoption, this platform enables other businesses to seamlessly integrate web3 technologies, accommodating a wide range of business needs and promoting broader technological adoption.

As Sonica aims to simplify the shift from web2 to web3 by enhancing user interfaces and experiences, it also plans to boost transaction volumes by incorporating Real-World Asset (RWA) projects. Looking forward, the collaboration is set to deepen, with Sonica’s solutions becoming more integrated into web3 and expanding the range of tokenizable assets. This evolution will ensure that Sonica remains at the forefront of asset tokenization technology, continually adapting to evolving market demands with practical, user-focused solutions.

For developers looking to deploy their own appchain, access to Tanssi’s TestNet is available at


About Tanssi Network

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure protocol is designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of appchains. By connecting a chain to Tanssi, it is instantly transformed into a modular appchain. This transition grants access to a developer-friendly and permissionless environment, fully stocked with all essential infrastructural components to run a chain right out of the box. Key features include a shared and decentralized network of block producers, ensuring robust security and data retrievability, alongside seamless integrations with vital tools like bridges, wallets, block explorers, RPC endpoints, indexers, oracles, and more. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just minutes—a significant improvement over the typical months-long process. Learn more at

About Sonica

Sonica is a platform for the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs), designed to facilitate the deployment and distribution of tokens in a no-code journey. The platform enables the creation of tokens for a variety of assets, such as receivables, consortiums, and real estate, through pre-built journeys that ensure security and ease of use. Perfect for companies looking to modernize their financial operations without facing technical complexities, Sonica offers a practical and secure solution for asset tokenization, completely code-free. By choosing Sonica, companies opt for efficiency and reliability in the management and expansion of their digital assets. Learn more at

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