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Announcing Let’s Forkin’ Dance: The Tanssi Incentivized TestNet Campaign

Incentivizing Early Tanssi Network Participants

Since its inception, Tanssi’s goal has been clear: to make application-specific blockchains (appchains) deployment easy, accessible, and more efficient for a better and more decentralized web3. We strongly believe in the power of appchains as the best approach for building user-centric and decentralized applications.

However, the complexity of deploying appchains has been a significant barrier, preventing many projects from bringing their ideas to life. Even more concerning, these obstacles have led many developers and projects towards cheaper, yet compromised technical solutions that lack decentralization and security, proving to be more costly long-term.

Tanssi was built to address these challenges, introducing an appchain infrastructure protocol that reinvents the appchain deployment process, turning what used to take months into just a few clicks. This opens a wide doorway for ecosystem projects to enjoy the benefits of appchains—flexibility, and customizability—with the simplicity of deploying smart contracts.

But, before jumping into the details of the Tanssi Incentivized TestNet campaign, let's take a quick look back at what Dancebox, the Tanssi TestNet, has achieved:

  • Established as the first-ever one-stop shop for appchain deployment, supporting both Substrate and Ethereum developers.

  • Achieved an unprecedented shift in appchain deployment times from months to minutes.

And there’s more. Additional achievements include:

These are not just numbers, but they also give a sense of the vibrancy that Tanssi will bring to Polkadot once its main network is launched later this year.

Building on this momentum, it's time to share with you all the details of the Tanssi Incentivized TestNet Campaign.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that participation in the Let's Forkin' Dance Incentivized TestNet campaign is subject to specific terms and conditions, which will be provided by the Tanssi Foundation once the campaign begins. This announcement and its contents are not intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity in the United States, its territories, or in any jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation. Please bear in mind that US persons will not be eligible to participate in this campaign and all participants could be subject to KYC/AML processes.

Community Named: Let's Forkin DANCE!

The Tanssi community is incredibly creative. Since Tanssi means 'to dance' in many languages and the excitement for Tanssi grew after the project was publicly announced, they playfully transformed the well-known "LFG" - "Let's F*cking Go" into "LFD" - "Let's F*cking Dance."

Embracing this spirit, we've named this campaign Let's Forkin Dance (#LFD)—The Tanssi Incentivized TestNet Campaign. This twist not only highlights the community's role as the campaign's heart but also introduces the campaign's mascot—Forkless, the Fork.

Tanssi Network | Introducing Let's Forkin Dance

A Closer Look at LFD

Let’s Forkin Dance is an exciting blend of on-chain and off-chain challenges designed to celebrate and incentivize the active participation of the Tanssi community and ecosystem. Whether you're a builder, a casual user, or a key network supporter, there's something here for everyone.

The Incentives

1% of Tanssi Network is specifically allocated as incentives for top participants in the TestNet campaign. This allocation marks just the beginning of broader planned distributions to the community.

The allocation will be distributed across the campaign's three tracks: 40% is allocated to the Tanssians track, another 40% to the Builders track, and the remaining 20% to the Block Producers track. This distribution model is designed to offer everyone a chance to play an active role in the Tanssi Network, in order to give back to the project's early supporters and foster collective progress.

Tanssi Network | Incentives Distribution Split Between Tracks (Let's Forkin Dance)

Let’s dive into the campaign tracks:

  • Tanssians (Open to All): A significant part of the incentives is set aside for the Tanssi community, known as the Tanssians. Engage in community growth challenges and interact with appchains through Dancebox in on-chain quests to claim incentives. With activities spanning games, NFTs, and DeFi, there's ample opportunity for engagement. If you're not a Tanssian yet, now is your chance.

  • Builders (For Ecosystem Projects): The Builders Track boosts development and team growth by offering substantial incentives. It incentivizes excellent appchain performance and allows hosting on-chain quests to attract new users. Top performers receive additional incentives. Apply to the builders track here.

  • Block Producers (A.K.A. Collators): Block producers play a crucial role in Tanssi and its appchains. The campaign introduces performance-based challenges, with incentives for those who excel in block production.

Dancing Ahead: Preparing to Launch

Tanssi’s growth demonstrates its transformative effect, reducing appchain deployment times from months to minutes and fostering a dynamic ecosystem with numerous successful launches. With the upcoming launch of the Tanssi Network, updates aimed at enhancing user-friendliness, such as cross-chain modularity improvements, are in the pipeline. Additionally, opportunities for community engagement through staking, governance, and more are set to expand.

Mark Your Calendars:

The Tanssi campaign kicks off on April 30. The Tanssi Network is poised to launch its main network later this year, followed by the rollout of its appchains ecosystem. The vibrant activity on Tanssi's Testnet and the growth of its ecosystem are indicators of what's to come.

This campaign offers you a chance to explore new possibilities and actively participate in innovation and development. Set an alert here to stay tuned for more updates. For all Tanssi updates, join Tanssi’s community channels.

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