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New on Tanssi: Phala Integrates with Dancebox, Providing Trustless Off-chain Computing Infrastructure

Phala's trustless off-chain computing infrastructure is arriving in Tanssi, marking the beginning of a comprehensive integration journey. This blog post will delve into Phala, its contributions to the Tanssi ecosystem—starting with price feeds—and the significance of these developments for appchain developers. We'll also explore how this integration enhances the overall developer experience.

So, What's Phala

Imagine blockchain technology as the first generation of mobile phones, which were mainly for calls and texts. Traditional smart contracts, in this scenario, are like basic phone functions—revolutionary for running decentralized applications (dApps) on a blockchain but limited by the technology's storage, cost, and compute power constraints.

Phala Network's introduction of Phat Contracts represents an evolution akin to the shift from basic mobile phones to smartphones. These contracts extend the functionality of smart contracts beyond the usual limitations, enabling more sophisticated operations such as complex computations and secure interactions with off-chain data, all while maintaining the core blockchain attributes of trustlessness, verifiability, and permissionlessness. This progression enhances smart contracts' utility in a manner reminiscent of the broadened capabilities brought by smartphones.

The Tanssi-Phala Technical Synergy

Tanssi and Phala's collaboration introduces decentralized compute capabilities and Phat Contracts into the Tanssi ecosystem, aligning perfectly with Tanssi's mission to provide developers with the necessary tools for more efficient and accessible appchain deployment. Beyond equipping developers, this collaboration supports the development of real-world applications, demonstrating the tangible benefits and broader impact of Phala's technical advancements on Tanssi.

Let's dive into some tech facts:

  • Chainlink Price Feeds Integration: Phala mirrors Chainlink Price Feeds by fetching the data from the Ethereum Mainnet using Phala’s off-chain workers, capitalizing on their proven reliability and widespread adoption. By aggregating data from multiple sources via a decentralized network of operators, these feeds offer robust protection against data manipulation and volatility.

  • TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) at Phala's Core: Central to Phala's design, the Secure Enclave processes inputs from the blockchain as an encrypted message queue. This ensures tasks are executed securely and accurately, even amidst potential threats, by fetching and relaying price feed updates from the Ethereum Mainnet back to the Phala blockchain.

  • Beyond Traditional Oracles: Phala goes further than just replicating existing oracles; it enables developers to create bespoke oracles with Phat Contracts. This capability allows for innovative and customized solutions, expanding what Tanssi appchain developers can achieve.

  • Integration Synergies: Phala's off-chain compute network and Phat Contracts significantly enhance Tanssi's infrastructure. They introduce advanced functionalities not possible with traditional smart contracts, marking a leap in appchain capabilities and application potential.

Test Phala's Integration on Tanssi's New Demo Appchain

See inside what an appchain is that is connected to Tanssi. Phala is the first integration available on the Tanssi demo appchain, and developers are now able to put their hands on how to launch price feeds via the Price Feed Oracle template based on Phala’s Phat Contract. For detailed instructions, ensure you check out the guide available on the Tanssi documentation site.

💡 To get started, acquire TANGO tokens from the faucet in the demo appchain to deploy your contracts and interact with service providers within the Tanssi ecosystem.

About Tanssi Network

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure protocol is designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of appchains. By connecting a chain to Tanssi, it is instantly transformed into a modular appchain. This transition grants access to a developer-friendly and permissionless environment, fully stocked with all essential infrastructural components to run a chain right out of the box. Key features include a shared and decentralized network of block producers, ensuring robust security and data retrievability, alongside seamless integrations with vital tools like bridges, wallets, block explorers, RPC endpoints, indexers, oracles, and more. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just minutes—a significant improvement over the typical months-long process. Learn more at

About Phala Network

Phala Network facilitates powerful smart contract functionalities through Phat Contracts, designed to extend beyond the confines of traditional smart contract capabilities. These contracts allow for trustless and verifiable interactions with off-chain components, significantly enhancing the capabilities of smart contracts in terms of storage, cost efficiency, and computational power. For an in-depth understanding of Phala's architecture and capabilities, we highly encourage a visit to the Phala documentation.

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