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Tanssi Brings the Groove to Brussels 🇧🇪

Get ready for Polkadot Decoded 2024—the biggest Dotsama festival of the year! The Tanssi team is excited to join the fun.

Polkadot Decoded 2024 is packed with workshops, discussions, and networking opportunities. It's two days of learning, connecting, and exploring.

🎫 Haven’t registered yet? Follow the link to join in Brussels or attend virtually. 🎫

Visit the Tanssi booth to see what's new. Join an insightful Tanssi talk and a lively side event for the community. Plus, take part in our treasure hunt with clues, quests, and great rewards. Show off your Tanssi knowledge and win some exclusive swag! 👀 Keep reading to discover more.

Tanssi: Turbocharged Appchains for Next-Level Applications

Tanssi is thrilled to join Polkadot Decoded for the second time, bringing innovative solutions and celebrating the growing ecosystem. 🌱

Tanssi is on a mission to simplify appchain deployment for developers with an intuitive, secure, and reliable appchain infrastructure protocol. By eliminating the complexities of traditional blockchain implementation, Tanssi enables developers to focus on building better blockchain applications and deploy their appchains in just clicks!

The Tanssi mission goes beyond streamlining appchain deployment. We're thrilled to engage with the community at Polkadot Decoded and further grow our network and ecosystem. With an incredible lineup of talent attending the event, our team eagerly anticipates meeting new individuals and sharing insights on unlocking the full potential of Web3!

Connect with the Tanssi Team in Brussels!

The Tanssi team is looking forward to connecting with the Dotsama community. Check out the schedule below to find and connect with the team.

⛺ Booth | Come Join Us!

Come join us at the booth. We’ll be beyond excited to meet you and share more about Tanssi with y’all!

  • 🗓️ Wen? July 11, 2024, 10 AM to 6 PM CET

  • 📍 Wer? Tour & Taxis Conference Center

🎤 Talk | Tanssi: Leveraging Polkadot to Change the Appchain Landscape by Thiago Rudiger

Join a compelling discussion on how Tanssi is changing the game in appchain deployment. Explore how Tanssi tackles the complexities of setting up appchains, cutting down what used to take months into mere minutes, all while ensuring strong security and decentralization. Learn about the real-world benefits of launching appchains quickly, such as having your own dedicated block space and the ability to interoperate seamlessly, which are opening up exciting new possibilities for projects and use cases in the web3 world. Dive into the future of blockchain development with Tanssi!

🍻 Side Event | Meet the VCs with Tobi & Brent

Tanssi is joining the in-person gathering with top VCs and Founders in Web3 to enjoy coffee and snacks on July 10th. ☕ This event is exclusively for investors and founders looking to raise capital. If you’d like to attend, find out more information and register here.

🔎 Treasure Hunt | Hop onto The Decoded Tanssi Adventure

  • 🗓️ Wen? July 11, 2024, 11 AM to 6 PM CEST

  • 📍 Wer? Tanssi Booth

The Decoded Tanssi Adventure is designed to test your knowledge of Tanssi, your detective skills, and your creativity. 👀

🪄 Here's how it works:

Follow the clues to test your Tanssi knowledge as you discover various locations and tasks at the event. Successfully uncover all the clues and submit your answers to claim your exclusive, limited-edition treasures!

▶️ How to get started:

To get started, simply visit the Tanssi booth and register to join the fun. Once you're signed up, you can dive right into the adventure and begin solving clues. Limited edition rewards are limited for a reason, so speed is of the essence! 🏎️


And with that, this is what we have planned for you at Decoded! We're buzzing with excitement to rendezvous with you in Brussels. 🤩 See you there! 🪩

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