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Meet the Appchains Vol1. - A Closer Look at the Projects Driving the Let's Forkin' Dance Campaign

Let’s Forkin’ Dance: The Tanssi Incentivized TestNet Campaign kicked off on April 30, 2024, celebrating our diverse Tanssi community and giving everyone a hands-on taste of the Tanssi platform through various challenges. It's a great way for builders, everyday users, and supporters to connect and explore cool appchain projects already underway on Dancebox, Tanssi’s TestNet.

It's not too late to join in! Visit to get involved.

In just the first month, we've seen over 100,000 participants tackle over 25 projects hosting quests across 950,000 transactions. Now's the perfect time to highlight four exciting projects involved:

  • XR3 Network—a game that merges extended reality with decentralized networks

  • EightFish—a tool for building Web3 data services

  • JudgeAI—a platform for certifying digital content

  • iNFT—a platform for creating unique, randomized NFTs

Dive into the first edition of our blog series to learn more about them!

XR3 Network: Bridging Virtual Worlds and Blockchain for Everyday Use

XR3 Network is a platform that integrates virtual and augmented reality with blockchain technology. It allows developers to seamlessly combine real-world elements with digital enhancements in a secure, decentralized environment. Designed for extended reality devices, like headsets, XR3 Network supports a variety of features including iris scanning for identity verification, easy access to Web3 decentralized applications, robust digital identity management, and AI agent integration. Additionally, it offers compatibility across multiple blockchains and virtual worlds.

Why an appchain with Tanssi?

  • Performance: Appchains on XR3 enhance on-chain computation and performance, facilitating connections across multiple blockchain networks.

  • Governance Sovereignty: Having their own dedicated blockchain allows XR3 for the development of an economy specifically tailored to the extended reality ecosystem.

Discover the XR3 Network quests on

EightFish: Bridging Web2 and Web3 for dApp Development

EightFish introduces an innovative blockchain protocol equipped with a unique MVC framework and a smart contracts network. This technology is crafted to help traditional Web2 projects smoothly transition into the decentralized Web3 infrastructure. EightFish sets itself apart by separating the value and information networks, offering a user experience that rivals traditional platforms while leveraging the decentralization benefits of Web3. It simplifies the development of decentralized apps (DApps) by using Open Data Applications (ODas), which function independently from central web services. This forward-thinking approach not only makes Web3 more accessible but also diminishes reliance on traditional systems, paving the way for a more open and decentralized internet.

Why an appchain with Tanssi?

  • Modular Architecture and Customization: EightFish is developing an innovative blockchain architecture that supports extensive customization to meet diverse needs.

  • Performance: EightFish aims to foster widespread adoption among users and developers by providing the high performance necessary for dedicated blockspace.

Discover the EightFish quests on

JudgeAI: Authenticating Creativity in the Digital Age

JudgeAI, a CertHum initiative, is a platform that certifies the authenticity of digital content to confirm it is human-made. It connects content creators with consumers, using certifiers to verify each piece of content. This process emphasizes the human creativity behind each creation and ensures consumers interact with genuine material. By verifying authenticity, JudgeAI fosters trust and encourages creativity in the digital space.

Why an appchain with Tanssi?

  • Dedicated Resources: Appchains allow JudgeAI to have their own dedicated blockchain, ensuring faster processing and efficient data management without competition from other transactions on congested networks.

  • Native Token Utility: Launching an appchain with its own native token increases the token’s utility, as it becomes essential for transactions, paying for services, and accessing premium features within the appchain’s ecosystem.

Check out the JudgeAI quests at

iNFT: Pioneering Unique NFT Minting

iNFT revolutionizes the way NFTs are minted by breaking down each image into several segments and then randomizing them with advanced cryptography. This unique approach makes it highly unlikely for any generated NFT to precisely match another in the collection, ensuring fair distribution. It also incorporates proof-of-work to validate each NFT's uniqueness and guarantees genuine scarcity, enhancing the value of the assets.

Why an appchain with Tanssi?

Gas fee and customization: To enhance user experience, iNFT aims to optimize transaction costs by charging gas fees only when the generated NFT is the correct item from the collection. Such targeted fee implementation is feasible primarily through the use of appchains.

  • Gas fee and customization: To enhance user experience, iNFT aims to optimize transaction costs by charging gas fees only when the generated NFT is the correct item from the collection. Such targeted fee implementation is feasible primarily through the use of appchains.

  • Interoperability: iNFT is keen on integrating with multiple ecosystems. The out-of-the-box bridging solution offered by Tanssi appears particularly promising, facilitating seamless interactions across different platforms.

Take a look at the iNFT quests on

As we continue to introduce more teams from the Let’s Forkin’ Dance campaign, we’re eager to hear which projects you find most compelling. Share your thoughts on our Discord channel and stay updated by setting alerts for our latest posts.

And now, Let’s Forkin’ Dance!

The Let's Forkin Dance campaign, building on the success of Dancebox, Tanssi’s TestNet, aims to enhance community engagement and reward significant contributions. Tanssi Network has allocated 1% of its resources, distributing 10,000,000 tokens across three main tracks—Tanssians, Builders, and Block Producers. This incentive structure is designed to encourage active participation and recognize key contributors, promoting a collaborative development environment and ensuring fair rewards for everyone involved.

Are you ready to join?

Tanssi Network | Incentives at Let's Forkin Dance, the Tanssi Incentivized Testnet Campaign

*Please read the terms and conditions for participating in the LFD campaign.

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