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Welcome to the First-Ever Tanssi Monthly Newsletter

Tanssi monthly newsletter header

We're excited to share the latest happenings in the Tanssi world with you, from product updates and ecosystem news to community initiatives and more. We've got some thrilling updates to unpack this month. So, let's dive in!

Featured Image: Meet Tanssi: Changing the Game in Appchain Deployment

Meet Tanssi: Changing the Game in Appchain Deployment

Navigating appchain deployment can be tricky, slowing innovation and upping costs. That's where Tanssi comes, offering an array of infrastructure tools and services that makes deploying appchains a breeze.

Featured Image: Moondance Labs Secures $3M Seed Funding for Tanssi

Moondance Labs Secures $3M Seed Funding for Tanssi

The team behind Tanssi, Moondance Labs, is thrilled to announce a successful $3 million led by Arrington Capital. These funds are set to supercharge the development of the Tanssi network.

Featured Image: New Integration: Kawa Finance

New Integration: Kawa Finance

Tanssi and Kawa team up to bring cross-chain lending to Polkadot. This collab will see Kawa leveraging Tanssi's infrastructure services and tools, equipping Kawa's devs with the essentials for a secure, efficient, and fast appchain deployment.


Key Opinion Leaders Insights

Dive into valuable insights & perspectives from key opinion leaders shaping the web3 future and their thoughts on Tanssi's mission to reinvent the appchain deployment landscape.

Featured Image: Robert Habermeier, Polkadot Co-Founder, thoughts on Tanssi

Robert Habermeier

Polkadot Co-Founder

Polkadot's got a good thing going with its unique approach to acquiring blockspace. Tanssi takes this further by simplifying blockchain deployment. It's like posting code on-chain, funding it, and just going for it. → Read more

Featured Image: Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, thoughts on Tanssi

Derek Yoo

Moonbeam Founder

In Derek's view, Tanssi can be a catalyst for Moonbeam's growth by simplifying appchain deployments. With less friction around chain deployments, the Dotsama ecosystem can grow, benefiting Moonbeam. → Read more


Tanssi Events: What's Been and What's Coming

Get a glimpse of the exciting past events we've been a part of and the upcoming ones you definitely don't want to miss.

Past Events

🪩 Polka DeFiance: What is Tanssi Watch the replay here 🚧 Building in Polkadot (En Español) Listen to the recording here

Upcoming Events

🎙️ June 8 | Twitter Spaces with Polkadot Insider

Join us here 🎟️ June 29-30 | Polkadot Decoded 2023


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That wraps up this month's edition! ✨ Remember, staying in the loop is easy. You can always connect with us through Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or by subscribing to this newsletter.

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