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Tanssi & Lumx Team Up: Streamlining Web2's Journey to Web3 with Next-Gen Appchain

Tortola, BVI – January 18, 2023. Tanssi, an appchain infrastructure protocol, has teamed up with Lumx, a specialist in blockchain abstraction for enterprises. This initiative has successfully resulted in the deployment of Lumx's appchain on Dancebox, Tanssi's TestNet. This collaboration not only simplifies the technical complexities associated with appchain infrastructure management but also empowers Lumx to develop and deploy custom smart contract-based applications on the Lumx Chain.

Leveraging Tanssi's expertise in appchain infrastructure, Lumx is well-equipped to facilitate a seamless transition for their clients from Web2 to Web3, enhancing their entry into the blockchain domain.

Lumx Facilitates Web2 Companies' Expansion to Web3

Lumx stands out in the blockchain space by making the technology approachable for traditional businesses. Specializing in easing Web2 to Web3 transitions, Lumx enables companies to integrate blockchain into their existing processes, opening new markets and business models, while enhancing customer interactions. Their innovative Smart Wallets, featuring Account Abstraction, tackle common blockchain hurdles like seed phrase complexity and transaction fee management. With these user-friendly solutions, Lumx not only enhances blockchain accessibility but also solidifies their position in the Brazilian market as a leader in secure and accessible blockchain technology.

Driving Market Growth with Advanced Appchain Infrastructure

Tanssi's collaboration with Lumx is a key step in enhancing their blockchain capabilities and expanding into the Polkadot ecosystem. The deployment of Lumx's appchain, functionally akin to a parachain in Polkadot, benefits from Tanssi's pre-built EVM templates. These templates, compatible with the Ethereum environment, simplify the transition for Ethereum-oriented developers. When connected to Tanssi, the Lumx appchain becomes a ContainerChain, providing vital services like block production and cross-chain integrations. This setup allows Lumx to dedicate its focus to easing its customers' shift to the web3 space, free from the complexities of infrastructure management.

“The deployment on Dancebox (Tanssi’s TestNet) was remarkably user-friendly. We were able to set up our chain in a test environment in just a few simple steps. What stood out to us was the option to select a network compatible with EVM, aligning perfectly with our primary focus. Currently, we're actively implementing our own contracts and progressing the development of our chain, all built on Tanssi's infrastructure.” Afonso Dalvi - Head of Developers Relationship and Project Management

Empowering Versatility: Lumx's Strategic Appchain Deployment

Deploying an appchain is crucial for Lumx, particularly for managing high transaction volumes from major clients like Nestlé, Sympla, and Elo. This approach not only streamlines transactions but also enhances user experience with dedicated blockspace. Furthermore, the appchain empowers Lumx to develop blockchain solutions that are finely tuned to specific client requirements, providing both customization and flexibility. This adaptability is essential for Lumx to deliver innovative services and stay competitive in the ever-changing blockchain industry.

Web2 Companies Embracing Web3: Diverse Blockchain Applications

As companies make the shift from Web2 to Web3, they are increasingly exploring the potential of blockchain technology. Here are some key areas where blockchain is making an impact:

  • Tokenization of Assets: Businesses are creating their own tokens for a variety of purposes, from digital collectibles and loyalty programs to internal currencies.

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Tailored financial applications, such as lending platforms or automated market makers, are being developed to cater to specific customer needs.

  • ESG: Custom appchains bolster transparency and traceability across sectors, ensuring authenticity, regulatory compliance, and effective governance.

  • Identity Verification: Appchains are being used to create robust identity verification systems that balance user privacy with security and convenience.

  • Data Management: Blockchain enables companies to manage large, decentralized data sets with enhanced integrity and security.

Dancebox: Simplify Your Appchain Deployment

In collaboration with Lumx, Tanssi continues to focus on making appchain deployment more straightforward and accessible for the web3 developer community. We encourage developers interested in the possibilities of blockchain technology to explore Dancebox, the Tanssi TestNet. See how Dancebox can make your appchain development straightforward and efficient.

About Tanssi Network

Tanssi's appchain infrastructure protocol is built to simplify and accelerate appchain deployment using ContainerChains. When an appchain connects to Tanssi, it becomes a ContainerChain, accessing a developer-friendly and permissionless environment that provides infrastructure as a service. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just hours— a significant leap from the typical months-long process. On top of this, Tanssi also benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. Learn more at

About Lumx

Lumx specializes in simplifying blockchain technology for businesses, offering innovative solutions like smart wallets and smart contracts. Their smart wallets are integrated into applications to provide a secure and user-friendly experience for managing digital assets, eliminating users needing to manage keys or sign transactions. Similarly, their smart contracts enable streamlined, automated business processes on the blockchain, ensuring security and efficiency. With a focus on user experience and technical excellence, Lumx aims to bridge the gap between complex blockchain technology and practical enterprise applications. Learn more at


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