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Hamster and Tanssi Unite: Elevating Web3 with Appchain and AI Integration

Tortola, BVI – December 18, 2023. Tanssi, the appchain infrastructure protocol, announces a collaboration focused on integrating Tanssi Testnet Dancebox into Hamster’s AI-enabled modular blockchain development platform. This joint effort aims to enhance the development experience in Web3, leveraging Tanssi's appchain deployment infrastructure and Hamster AI-integrated modular blockchain development capabilities.

Hamster stands out as one of the first to adopt AI-enhanced Web3 modular blockchain development protocols, featuring a one-stop modular blockchain development environment, including multi-language code templates and tools for multi-language and multi-chain development, along with secure auto-deployment and real-time monitoring.

Integrating Tanssi's appchain into Hamster's dashboard is designed to enhance and streamline the blockchain development processes, benefiting their community of developers. Drawing on Polkadot's interoperability and Substrate's adaptability, combined with the specialized testing capabilities of Tanssi‘s ContainerChains, to boost blockchain communication and data exchange.

The collaboration between Hamster and Tanssi's appchain aims to enhance the development process in several ways:

  • Hamster's Developer Services: Providing tools for blockchain development, including management features like version control and workflow management. It supports the development, deployment, and management of DApps(Both Smart contract and Frontend). It also aids multi-chain development, offering templates and sample codes for various blockchain ecosystems.

  • Tanssi's ContainerChains: Tanssi introduces ContainerChains, which makes appchain deployment more efficient and developer-friendly. ContainerChains significantly reduce appchain deployment time from months to just under a few hours and includes various services like access to infrastructure resources, collation, data retrieval, key integrations, and cross-chain communication support. Utilizing the Substrate framework, known for its customizability, Tanssi simplifies this with pre-built templates.

  • Security and Interoperability: Tanssi's protocol leverages the Polkadot relay chain for shared security and interoperability, and the audited code templates and built-in automated security check and analysis tools provided by Hamster are another safeguard. These are important for secure and efficient decentralized application development, emphasizing key web3 values like decentralization and governance.

Hamster's collaboration with Tanssi extends beyond technical integration and can significantly amplify Tanssi's ecosystem, introducing a broader range of perspectives, skills, and innovative ideas. As Hamster integrates Tanssi's appchain solutions, this mix of communities and technologies can drive forward the advancement and diversity of Web3 applications, broadening the scope and impact of both ecosystems significantly.

"We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with Hamster, as it marks a pivotal step towards enhancing the developer experience in appchains. By integrating Dancebox into Hamster's AI-enabled modular blockchain development environment, we are poised to facilitate the creation of more sophisticated Web3 applications with heightened functionalities. Working alongside Hamster, we look forward to leveraging our combined expertise to streamline blockchain development processes and foster a vibrant ecosystem. This collaboration not only amplifies our technical capabilities but also enriches our community with diverse perspectives and innovative ideas, driving the advancement of Web3 applications to new heights." — Christine Lee, Tanssi Ecosystem Development Lead

Hamster can now provide isolated environments for developing and testing blockchain applications, ensuring consistency and reliability after collaborating with Tanssi. This method streamlines the deployment process, minimizes errors, and improves version control. Meanwhile, using appchains allows Hamster to create dedicated blockchain environments for specific applications. This capability leads to enhanced performance, better resource allocation, and the ability to offer clients more customised services, demonstrating the collaboration's substantial benefits.

"We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Tanssi, as we firmly believe in the immense potential of appchains to further develop the Web3 landscape. Witnessing the rapid growth of Web3 gaming applications has underscored the increasing demand for sophisticated and powerful decentralized applications. With Tanssi's expertise, we see appchains as pivotal enablers for unlocking these advanced functionalities and delivering exceptional user experiences. Tanssi's solution not only lowers the access barrier to application development significantly but also upholds the critical principles of security and decentralization, aligning perfectly with our vision for the future of Web3. Together, we aim to drive forward the evolution of Web3 applications, making them more accessible, secure, and impactful for users across the globe." — Liam Leung, Hamster CTO

About Tanssi

Tanssi's appchain infrastructure protocol is built to simplify and accelerate appchain deployment using ContainerChains. When an appchain connects to Tanssi, it becomes a ContainerChain, accessing a developer-friendly and permissionless environment that provides infrastructure as a service. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just hours— a significant leap from the typical months-long process. On top of this, Tanssi also benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. Learn more at

About Hamster

Hamster is a Web3+AI modular blockchain development protocol that empowers developers to build collaboratively using AI. It offers a one-stop development automation experience, emphasizing process safety and privacy. The platform supports multiple public chain ecosystems and provides tools for team collaboration, cross-chain development, front-loaded auditing, keyless smart deployment, and contract monitoring.

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