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Tanssi & DOTA: Appchain Launch Marks Expansion into Scalable Digital Asset Management

Tanssi, an infrastructure protocol reinventing appchain deployment, is teaming up with DOTA, a specialized network for creating and managing blockchain inscriptions. This collaboration begins with the deployment of DOTA to Dancebox, Tanssi's TestNet. This marks the start of DOTA's expansion plan, driven by interoperability and scalability, enabled by Tanssi's advanced appchain infrastructure tools and resources.

"Building the DOTA chain is a natural progression from DOTA as an inscription project. ’Fairness’ is a non-negotiable criteria in DOTA’s innovative fair launch mechanism. By building a dedicated L1 that focuses on token fair launch, we are able to gain a lot more improvements in cross-chain interoperability and functionalities, and we thank Tanssi for making the process easy,” says Weaver, DOTA community lead developer.

DOTA: Building a Scalable Inscription Network for Digital Asset Management

Dota is a specialized network designed for creating and managing blockchain inscriptions. In simple terms, think of it as a digital platform for collectible assets, similar to a system for trading and verifying rare cards. Inscriptions are essentially digital representations or records of unique assets, securely stored and managed on the blockchain.

Since its inception, DOTA has quickly gained traction within the blockchain community due to its unique approach and robust community governance model. In its first three-day minting phase, DOTA attracted over 26,500 participants, with a significant influx of new Polkadot users, highlighting its capability to onboard newcomers effectively.

DOTA's next steps focus on scalability. Tanssi will support DOTA with deploying and managing a solid appchain infrastructure for their inscription network. Inscriptions introduce a new blockchain primitive and can represent a wide range of digital assets, from art and collectibles to complex financial instruments - DOTA's chain will be the home of all these assets and many services that will derive from them. By leveraging its own appchain, DOTA will be equipped to ensure a secure, transparent, and interoperable network, expanding its ecosystem and enhancing its utility.

Tanssi & DOTA: Pioneering Scalable Digital Asset Management with Appchain Infrastructure

Tanssi will support DOTA's expansion plans with a rapid go-to-market strategy backed by smooth appchain deployment. By equipping DOTA developers with robust tools and resources, DOTA will be able to launch their application-specific blockchain in minutes with a solid infrastructure foundation.

With its own appchain, DOTA will be able to scale its inscription network, providing a secure, transparent, and efficient platform for managing digital assets. This will be achieved through:

  • Enhanced Customization and Flexibility: DOTA will be able to customize its blockchain environment to meet specific needs, optimizing for inscription-related operations and governance models.

  • Improved Interoperability: The appchain will integrate seamlessly with parachains within the Polkadot ecosystem and external networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, and more through Moonbeam Routed Liquidity, facilitating smooth collaboration and expanding DOTA's ecosystem.

  • Optimized Performance and User Experience: Control over resource allocation ensures optimal performance, with faster transactions and lower fees enhancing the user experience.

  • Enhanced Security and Governance: Custom security protocols provide higher protection for users and assets, while decentralized governance empowers the community in decision-making processes.

  • Economic Incentives and Innovation: DOTA can design tokenomics to incentivize participation and reward contributors, and use the appchain as a platform for experimenting with new features and technologies.

Looking Ahead: Next Steps in the Collaboration

The collaboration between Tanssi and DOTA has just begun with the deployment of an appchain in Dancebox, Tanssi's Testnet. This deployment marks the introduction of the first meme chain within the Tanssi ecosystem, characterized by a network-driven purely by community governance.

Moving forward, DOTA plans to deploy its appchain on Tanssi once the main network is live later this year. This strategic move will further enhance the ecosystem's scalability and digital asset management capabilities.

Additionally, DOTA is actively participating in the Let's Forkin Dance campaign, Tanssi's incentivized testnet initiative. Participants can visit to engage with DOTA, learn more about the project, complete quests, and earn points to climb the leaderboard. Exciting incentives await those who join the campaign, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of both the Tanssi and DOTA communities.

About Tanssi Network

Tanssi’s appchain infrastructure protocol is designed to simplify and accelerate the deployment of appchains. By connecting a chain to Tanssi, it is instantly transformed into a modular appchain. This transition grants access to a developer-friendly and permissionless environment, fully stocked with all essential infrastructural components to run a chain right out of the box. Key features include a shared and decentralized network of block producers, ensuring robust security and data retrievability, alongside seamless integrations with vital tools like bridges, wallets, block explorers, RPC endpoints, indexers, oracles, and more. As a result, appchains can be deployed in just minutes—a significant improvement over the typical months-long process. Learn more at

About DOTA

DOTA is a L1-based fair launch platform born out of the DOTA inscription project. The word ‘FAIR’ is at the heart of DOTA’s key value proposition. This platform enables projects to fairly launch tokens and token-based assets through an innovative mechanism, and allows users to participate in projects and assets that embrace transparency, decentralization, and democratization. Learn more at

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