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Join the Tanssi Ambassador Program

The Tanssi Ambassador Program is a community-driven initiative designed to foster Tanssi's growth. Tanssi ambassadors play a crucial role in expanding Tanssi's reach, bridging local and global networks, and making blockchain more accessible worldwide.


Join our collective effort and shape the future of blockchain with us!

Ready to Become a Tanssi Ambassador?

If you're passionate about Tanssi, Polkadot, and shaping the future of appchain technology, the Tanssi Ambassador Program is a perfect fit for you.

  • Engage with a passionate community that shares your interest in appchains.

  • Establish a direct line of communication with the Tanssi development team.

  • Expand your network within the Tanssi and Polkadot communities.

  • Contribute to the growth of the Tanssi network and the wider adoption of appchains.

  • Seize unique opportunities to influence the future of Tanssi and appchain technology.

Your Role in Tanssi's Growth and Success

As a Tanssi Ambassador, your role extends beyond traditional community participation. You are not just a representative, but also an educator, advocate, and contributor to our project. With both technical and non-technical avenues for contribution, you play a vital role in Tanssi's mission to expand the reach of appchain technology and accelerate web3 adoption.

Your potential contributions as a Tanssi Ambassador include:

Community Builder

Cultivating Tanssi's global reach by fostering growth and nurturing the diversity within the Tanssi international community.

Tanssi Representative

Act as a Tanssi representative at a variety of events, both virtual and in-person, to engage and educate others about the Tanssi mission.

Technical Contributor

Contribute to the technical facets of Tanssi, whether through code contributions or documentation enhancement.

Content Creator

Create and share high-quality, insightful content that shines a light on Tanssi's potential and educates the community about the project.

Unlock the Benefits of Being a Tanssi Ambassador

Becoming a Tanssi Ambassador is about more than just contributing to a progressive mission. It's your chance to unlock exclusive perks, gain recognition, and be part of a vibrant community at the forefront of blockchain technology. 


These are some of the benefits that you unlock by being an ambassador, with many more to come!

Professional Growth and Development

Boost your skills, extend your reach within the industry, and open up potential career paths, such as becoming a Lead Ambassador.

Exclusive NFTs and Tanssi-Themed Swag

Receive unique NFTs as access to exclusive events and get distinctive ambassador gear to showcase Tanssi's spirit.

Exclusive Community Access

Dive into a vibrant community with exclusive Discord access and special events, connecting with like-minded enthusiasts and industry experts.

Contribute to Tanssi's Mission

Propel Tanssi's growth and evolution, playing a crucial role in shaping the digital landscape's future.

Recognition and Visibility

Gain recognition within the Tanssi community, and seize opportunities to beta test new Tanssi products before anyone else.

Make an Impact Through Active Participation

Partake in a meaningful project, using your passion for technology to make a tangible difference.

Ready to Join the Tanssi Ambassador Community? Here's How...

1. Complete the Application

Fill out the application form to kick-start your journey. Our team can't wait to know more about you!

2. Application Review

If everything in your application looks great, it will be approved, and you will start your ambassador journey.

3. Embark as an Ambassador Trainee

You'll begin your path with Tanssi, getting familiar with its mission and objectives.

4. Graduation to Tanssi Ambassador

Upon successfully completing your trainee journey, you'll step into your exciting new role as a Tanssi Ambassador.

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