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Tanssi Empowers LeverFi to Launch Its Innovative Decentralized Trading Appchain

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Tortola, BVI – June 15, 2023. Today, Tanssi, an Appchain Infrastructure Protocol, announced a collaboration with LeverFi, a permissionless on-chain leveraged trading platform powered by smart contracts. Tanssi will enable LeverFi to launch its own appchain, marking the start of a high-performance DeFi platform with money markets, spot swaps, and margin trading within the Tanssi and Polkadot ecosystems.

Tanssi provides a permissionless and powerful protocol for appchain developers, facilitating swift deployment of customizable chains. When an appchain connects to Tanssi, it transforms into a ContainerChain, unlocking an extensive suite of infrastructure tools and services. These include block production, data availability, cross-chain messaging, and bridges to external networks. It also encompasses management tools, templates, and key integrations such as wallets, indexers, RPC endpoints, block explorers, and oracles.

By becoming a ContainerChain, LeverFi will leverage Tanssi's infrastructure resources and integrations to dramatically enhance its users' DeFi experience. This will enable the delivery of a robust suite of decentralized solutions poised to rival centralized exchanges in liquidity, execution, and functionality.

“As we continue to build out our full-suite DeFi platform that empowers users with high-efficiency trading, lending, and leveraged offerings, an evolution into an appchain capable of consolidating fragmented liquidity with improved token utilities was always part of LeverFi’s roadmap. We are excited to collaborate and work with Tanssi. It is our expectation that through the deployment of their turnkey infrastructure solution, we can focus on bringing a top-of-class, highly competitive DeFi platform to the market in the shortest period of time,” says Ernest K., Global Growth Lead at LeverFi.

Moreover, this collaboration will open the doors for LeverFi to leverage the Substrate modular framework. Substrate fulfills the customizability needs vital for many blockchain projects, allowing developers to create highly adaptable and modular blockchains in the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond. The versatility of Substrate opens new opportunities for LeverFi to have greater decentralized governance and participation for token holders.

The transition of LeverFi into an appchain introduces an element of predictability and freedom, as it no longer needs to compete for blockspace. Considering the nature of crypto, which is characterized by high-frequency trading (HFT), this transition could become a game changer for DeFi projects looking to offer more reliable and efficient trading.

The integration of LeverFi introduces an advanced DeFi protocol into the Tanssi ecosystem, offering a unified platform rich with core DeFi solutions. This consolidation benefits users and builders alike, providing high capital efficiency, reliable on-chain executions, and a seamless user experience. LeverFi aspires to be a beacon in the fragmented DeFi landscape. Serving as a hub for multichain deployments, the appchain will ensure the best price executions across various ecosystems.

"Our main objective at Tanssi is to simplify the appchain deployment process. This allows teams like LeverFi to focus on developing their application and improving their user experience rather than on infrastructure complexities. By tapping into the Tanssi infrastructure and the flexibility of the Substrate framework, LeverFi is not only enhancing its platform but also adding to the Tanssi ecosystem with an advanced DeFi protocol. What excites us about this collaboration is not just the potential it holds for LeverFi, but also its contribution to the DeFi ecosystem on Tanssi,” says Francisco Agosti, Co-Founder at Tanssi.

The Tanssi and LeverFi collaboration journey continues, with a deployment on the Tanssi TestNet planned for later this year, paving the way for the mainnet launch in 2024. Stay tuned for exciting updates by visiting

About the Tanssi Network

Currently under development, Tanssi is an appchain infrastructure protocol that simplifies appchain deployment, making it secure, efficient, and easy while eliminating the lengthy and complex process of traditional blockchain implementation. Tanssi's permissionless and dev-friendly protocol provides developers with infrastructure tools and services to deploy appchains quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, the Tanssi protocol benefits from the shared security and native interoperability of the Polkadot relaychain. With a focus on practicality and efficiency, Tanssi accelerates the path from concept to deployment for developers. Learn more at

About LeverFi

LeverFi is a permissionless on-chain leveraged trading platform powered by smart contracts. It provides a full suite of DeFi solutions that combines on-chain spot swaps with lending and leveraged trading that drives liquidity utilization and efficiency for both institutional and retail traders. Learn more at

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