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Moondance Labs YouTube Channel General Disclaimer

*Updated:  September 7, 2023*


All videos made available under the Tanssi Network YouTube channel (the “Videos”), including those containing information about claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, roadmaps, specifications, instructions, and performance metrics, are solely for informational purposes. Viewers are responsible for verifying the accuracy and authenticity of the Videos. The Videos do not represent any solicitation for investment. Neither Tanssi, Moondance Labs, nor any affiliated developers or entities will be held accountable for damages, losses, or claims related to the use, or inability to use the Videos or the information they contain. Videos can be updated without prior notice.

Some Videos may showcase or mention third-party products, services, or insights. This information is provided for general awareness and does not constitute an endorsement. Tanssi and Moondance Labs do not guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or utility of this third-party content. Any reliance on the information in the Videos is at the viewer's discretion. Tanssi and Moondance Labs disclaim all responsibility for any repercussions of relying on this information. Any third-party statements or opinions in the Videos are the sole responsibility of those third parties and may not reflect the views of Tanssi or Moondance Labs. Never consider the Videos as professional or financial advice. Always consult with a qualified expert about any specific issue or situation.

Some Videos might link to external websites or feature content from third-party sources. Tanssi and Moondance Labs have no authority over these external sources and are not responsible for their content. Links to third-party content do not imply endorsement. Using these links is at the viewer's discretion. You release and exempt Tanssi and Moondance Labs from any liability arising from your use of this information or any third-party website or service.

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